‘Street Fighter 5’ DLC Update On April 25 Bringing In School And Work Costumes Plus A New Stage

Capcom initially announced that school costumes and a new stage are coming to Street Fighter 5 via a DLC update. Just recently, it added that work costumes will also be on its way.

According to Capcom-Unity’s blog post, an update all set for deployment on Tuesday, April 25, will offer premium school costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li, and Juri. The costume design for Ryu, the Eternal Wanderer, is “based on a stereotypical Japanese Bancho (student gang leader). It features a lining on the coat showing a faceoff between a tiger and a dragon. Meanwhile, Chun-li, who is very adept in Chinese Martial Arts, will have a costume that symbolizes her history of being an Honor Roll student. Juri, the third character to get a new costume will have a Gothic schoolgirl inspired outfit. Imagine her wearing a black lipstick, a jacket designed with a spider on the back, and her nails polished with black color.

As for the work costumes, the Street Fighter 5 characters getting new outfits are Alex, R.Mika, and again, Chun-Li. During the creation process of these new work-themed apparels, the team imagined the type of jobs these characters will have if they are not fighting.

According to the blog post, Street Fighter 5’s Blue Jade or Chun-li will be donning a business attire when the costumes update arrives. For the Seven-Colored Bomber R.Mika, a cheerleader outfit with pom-poms that can be taken off will be available. Meanwhile, a firefighter costume awaits the big hulkster Alex.

Each of these school and work costumes will come with a $3.99 price tag once it becomes available on Tuesday.

The other major content of the Street Fighter 5 update arriving early this week is a new stage. The arrival of the Thailand Stage in the latest installment of the fighting game was first revealed at the WonderCon 2017 panel. Avid fans may remember that in this very stage, which was featured in Street Fighter 2, is where M.Bison, best known as the Dictator and the head of Shadaloo, first showed up.

“The stage’s intricate bell and statues have been carefully recreated in SFV with great detail, as well as the stage’s memorable theme,” Capcom also noted, describing the design of the upcoming Street Fighter 5’s stage.

[Image by John Shearer/Getty Images for Capcom]

After seeing the screenshots of the Thailand Stage that are posted on the Capcom blog, a gamer with username LedemenT commented the following sharing his insights and suggestions about it.

“The Bison’s Thaïland stage is wonderful!!! Especially the artworks! Maybe because we also see the whole scene? It could be interesting to have a ‘camera shot’ that allows us to see this overview. Why not just before the beginning of the match? it would be so cool!!”

Another comment questioned why the costumes made for the update are limited only to a certain few characters. “Once again only few characters?! You should be consistent and give EVERY character a costume,” Son Gohan noted.

The Thailand Stage can be purchased by shelling out $3.99. However, for those who don’t want to spend real cash, it is also available for 70,000 Fight Money.

Street Fighter 5, released in 2016, was developed by Capcom and Dimps with Yoshinori Ono as the designer. It was first released in February 2016 as the sixth main entry for the numbered installations of the game. Aside from the names mentioned above, SFV’s roster of characters also include Nash, Cammy, Birdie, Ken, Necalli, Vega, Karin, Rashid, Guile, F.A.N.G., Dhalsim, Laura, Zangief, Ibuki, Kolin, Akuma, Balrog, and Urien, Street Fighter 5’s PlayStation 4 version of the game got a 77 MetaScore and a 3.3 User Score on Metacritic.

Here’s a review of Street Fighter 5 one year later, courtesy of Maximilian Dood’s YouTube channel.

Excited about this upcoming Street Fighter 5 update? Which school and work costumes will you buy? Are you planning to buy the stage, too?

[Featured Image by John Shearer/Getty Images for Capcom]

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