WWE News: Former Multi-Time Champion Quietly Leaves The Company After Return

Over the course of the last year, a number of former superstars ended up making their returns to WWE and becoming big parts of Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, NXT, or even 205 Live. One of those names is a former champion multiple times over and fans have been waiting to see him back on television, but it simply hasn't happened. Now, Tajiri has parted ways with WWE once again and quietly left the company.

Even though it has been less than a year since he was in the Cruiserweight Classic and less than six months since signing a new deal with WWE, Tajiri is now gone from the company.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., that tweet from Tajiri does confirm he is leaving WWE and will be heading back to Japan. He first returned to WWE for the 32-man Cruiserweight Classic which took place last summer. Tajiri made it to round 16 before losing to Gran Metalik.

wwe news tajiri leaves company champion cruiserweight
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While some words are easy to make out in Tajiri's tweet, Twitter did offer up an English translation of what he said. It is rather loosely translated, but it does show that there were no hard feelings between he and WWE in this mutual parting of ways.

"Again I have no regret even though just four months back WWE footsteps. Just from a year ago now finally last phoned me once again want to do a challenge and achieved the American youth is now over. Thanks for HHH to return who have worked with Regal mentor. Goodbye, and thank you. WWE's America."
Tajiri started off by tweeting out that he suffered his knee injury back in January, but there was the hope that he would be able to recover. WWE's medical staff thought it was a "risk" to have a 46-year-old with knee injuries returning to the ring for the company.

Not wanting him to return to the ring for another match just yet, they allowed him to be a coach in NXT for a while, but that isn't really what he wanted either. With that in mind, the two came to a mutual agreement and Tajiri is now going to return to Japan.

It is not yet known what he will be doing in Japan or which promotion he will be working for, but it doesn't seem as if he is ready to call it a career yet.

wwe news tajiri leaves company champion cruiserweight
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In June of last year, Tajiri did take part in the Cruiserweight Classic and actually won his first-round match against Damian Slater. After losing to Gran Metalik in the second round, Tajiri disappeared from WWE again for quite a while.

Then, NXT held a special in Japan in early December which saw Tajiri team with Akira Tozawa in a match which saw them lose to then-NXT Tag Team Champions #DIY. One day later, Tajiri revealed he had signed a new contract with WWE and would return in early 2017.

The next week, WWE began airing promos for Tajiri's return on 205 Live, and he debuted in early January with a victory over Sean Maluta. It seemed as if the company was building toward a feud between Tajiri and The Brian Kendrick, but a week later, the "Japanese Buzzsaw" suffered his knee injury.

Tajiri has always been one of the more exciting superstars in WWE and wrestlers around the entire world. He became so very well known during his time in ECW and was a huge fan-favorite during his original run in WWE. Fans were thrilled last year when it was revealed that he would be returning to the company, but his age and injuries simply didn't allow for this to be a prolonged run in the United States.

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