Alex Jones Defended Trump ‘P***y’ Grabbing Comment In Podcast Appearance

Alex Jones has enjoyed a boost in celebrity since becoming one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal cheerleaders, first on the campaign trail and later after the Republican defeated Hillary Clinton.

Jones, a conspiracy theorist, even claimed in this report from the Independent that the president still calls him following his election and made one appearance on Alex’s show.

Now amid a heated custody trial with ex-wife Kelly Jones, people are starting to take a closer look at some of Jones’ past statements.

Jones’ attorneys have been trying to argue that his controversial opinions on the website InfoWars do not make him ineligible for custody of the couple’s three children.

Some of his past stances have included that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, that a pizzeria was Hillary Clinton’s front for a child sex ring (later recanted), and that Clinton smelled of sulfur, implying that she is, quite possibly, a literal demon from Hell.

Since the trial moved further into the spotlight over the last week, Alex Jones’ defense has argued that he is “playing a character,” which could prove to be problematic with his rabid online following.

Nevertheless, it’s out there for the public to consider as are past comments he made on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Rogan has had Alex Jones on his show recently, and on that appearance, the pundit offered a defense of then-television star and real estate mogul Trump’s “p***y”-grabbing comments that were leaked a couple of months prior to Election Day.

The comments went back to 2005, but Alex Jones’ comments were made on the podcast following the election.

“When you’re a celebrity, women throw themselves at you. A woman climbing on top of you is not sexual assault. That’s what mammals do,” Jones said in direct reference to Trump’s controversial remarks.

As LawNewz points out, the comments were mistakenly played in court, prompting Jones’ team to ask for a mistrial on that basis. The mistrial was not granted, but the judge did tell jurors to disregard.

As incendiary as the defense of Trump’s comments may seem, it is hardly the most shocking case of a far-right pundit going rogue in the aftermath of the election.

Milo Yiannopoulos enjoyed a meteoric rise to stardom in the aftermath of Trump’s election but came crashing down just as quickly after comments surfaced in which he appeared to condone sex with underage children as young as 13.

Yiannopoulos apologized for the remarks during a press conference claiming his words were taken out of context.

As for Alex Jones’ response to the increased media attention in the wake of his divorce, he recently released a statement.

“Above all, this is a private matter. This is about my family and only my family. I have endeavored very faithfully for three years to keep this circumstance confidential for the sake of my children to protect their innocence…. I urge the press to be respectful and responsible and to show due deference to the process of the law and respect the boundaries defined for this case so that a fair result can be found…. As there is a gag/protective order on the trial for the safety, welfare, and preservation of our children’s private rights and what is in their best interest, I am holding my responses until the end of trial.”

What do you think of Alex Jones’ InfoWars, and should family issues like this one be off limits for the media? Sound off in the comments section below.

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