New Jersey School Janitor Arrested For Allegedly Hiding Spy Cameras

A New Jersey high school janitor was arrested on allegations related to the hiding of eight small spy cameras around the building to film students and teachers. Police officers found cameras in areas where the students changed clothes. Many of the cameras contained hours of footage, according to the Associated Press.

A large cache of video screenshots from the hidden cameras was also allegedly found on the New Jersey school custodian’s cell phone. John Martin resigned last week as the chief custodian at Gloucester Catholic High School in Gloucester City after being interview by law enforcement officers.

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office reports that Martin worked at the school district for 18 years and was in charge of the facility’s video surveillance system. The high school janitor was arrested on charges of invasion of privacy and released on his own recognizance. John Martin had to agree not to go anywhere near the school, students, or staff members as a condition of his release.

The prosecutor’s office has not formally stated who hid the cameras, but did note the placement was allegedly done at Martin’s direction. The video footage was reportedly viewed by Martin and at least two other individuals.

Police investigators and staff members are reviewing the hours of video footage allegedly recorded by the janitor and contacting everyone who were unknowingly captured by the spy cameras. Most of the images on the eight spy cameras reportedly depicted girls and women.

The pinhole-sized spy cameras were reportedly placed in a choir room, classrooms, backstage at the school auditorium, in maintenance areas, and in a space used by the school football team, according to ABC News. The spy cameras were reportedly found hidden in smoke detectors and ventilation ducts. The video feed from the hidden cameras was linked into the school’s video security system.