‘The Other Mother’: Lifetime True To Life Movie Drama Details Every Divorced Woman’s Nightmare

The Other Mother is a dramatic new Lifetime movie that is airing tonight. This latest drama thriller, which is also known under the title The New Wife, is written by Eric Martin with Sean Olson directing. The Other Mother is about a divorced single mom’s true-life nightmare as she deals with the new wife in her ex-husband’s life. Lifetime movie lovers will find it easy to relate to this movie. It stars Annie Wersching, Kimberley Crossman, and Tyler Christopher.

In The Other Mother, Lifetime’s new movie thriller, Jackie McClain is settling into her new life as a single mother. Since her divorce, Jackie has been on an emotional roller coaster, which has taken a toll on her. It’s wonderful that she has her teen daughter around to help her move forward. What Jackie isn’t prepared for is meeting her ex-husband’s new wife, Tiffany.

He ex-husband’s new relationship took her by surprise. Jackie had no idea that Mitch was even dating. In fact, his sudden announcement that he is married is quite a shock. Tiffany couldn’t be more different. She is obviously a younger, hotter, bolder, and sexier model. Jackie would be lying if she said she didn’t notice. Despite her jealousy, she is willing to give Tiffany a chance as long as she understands her place.

On the surface, Tiffany seems nice enough, and Jackie’s daughter, Brook, seems to like her. However, despite Tiffany’s sweet disposition, there is something unsettling about her. Her true nature becomes clearer as Jackie spends more time with her at family dinners and meeting.

Tiffany is overstepping her bounds. Now, she is making decisions for Brook without Jackie’s consent. The two women finally come to blows as Jackie insists that she is Brook’s mother and knows what is best for her. Later, an already-stressful situation becomes even more unbearable after Brook draws closer to Tiffany while giving her real mom the cold shoulder. Jackie’s hunch is correct. Tiffany is deliberately trying to put a wedge in their relationship by planting seeds of doubt in Brook’s mind, and it seems to be working.


Meanwhile, Jackie begins digging into Tiffany’s past, and what she finds out is shocking. It looks like her ex-hubby’s new wife could have a shady past that leads to a trail of dead bodies. It’s also possible that the investigation into Tiffany’s past might show that she has connections overseas.

To save her family, Jackie will need to expose Tiffany and bring her to justice before they all end up becoming her next victims.

Does The Other Mother Have True-Story Elements?

Although The Other Mother doesn’t appear to be based on one true story, the case of Viktoria Nasyrova, a beautiful upscale seductress who robbed men she met on Facebook, is particularly intriguing. Viktoria Nasyrova was on the run from the Russian authorities for two years after she murdered a woman back home, according to the New York Post.

“Russian authorities charged Nasyrova with Alekseenko’s murder in November 2014 — and issued an Interpol Red Notice to international authorities when they discovered she’d fled the country shortly after. The raven-haired suspect had been caught on a traffic camera driving a rental car with Alekseenko’s limp body in the front seat the same day as the murder — and failed a lie-detector test when brought in for questioning, court documents allege. Nasyrova is suspected of killing Alekseenko over the $52,000 she made from selling her late mother’s house in Krasnodar.”

Aside from the dead woman lying on the seat of the car, there is another creepy aspect to this case. Viktoria Nasyrova came to New York and moved very close to the victim’s daughter, the woman who had been trying to track down her mother’s killer for years. A Facebook selfie on Viktoria’s page finally helped investigators pinpoint her location.

The Other Mother (aka The New Wife) airs on Lifetime tonight at 8/7 p.m. Central, according to Heavy. The Other Mother on Lifetime is produced by MarVista Entertainment and executive produced by John Burn, Hannah Pillemer, and Fernando Szew. On the previous week’s Lifetime movie, Killer Mom aired.

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