WWE News: Real Reason Why Eva Marie’s Departure From WWE Hasn’t Been Announced Yet

It was reported a few weeks back that Eva Marie would be leaving WWE after her contract expires later this year, but there is a specific reason why her departure hasn’t been officially announced yet. Many WWE fans weren’t surprised to learn that “The Red Queen” had decided to leave the company, especially since she has not been featured on WWE programming since last August. Her departure seems like only a matter of time.

Eva Marie was amidst a huge push on SmackDown Live after the brand extension. She was able to generate genuine heel heat from the WWE Universe despite not having to work an actual match. There was always a fresh way to get her out of a match, but her violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy forced the end of the angle, which could have resulted in her becoming a top heel in the Women’s division.

After finding some success in Hollywood over the past several months, Eva Marie feels it’s time to make the jump from professional wrestling to acting full-time. There will be some debate from WWE fans about how passionate she was about WWE, but she’s never hidden her desire to pursue acting as well. Her WWE career is ending soon, but it could happen quietly because Eva is still contractually obligated to fill a certain role.

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It’s being reported that Eva Marie and WWE are staying quiet about her situation because she is still under a contract with WWE, which comes with certain obligations. For instance, Eva is still heavily featured on the main cast of Total Divas, which means she’s still contractually obligated to promote the show. Most people are curious how she’ll be featured in the next season since she has not been on television for months.

The next season of Total Divas is expected to be the last for Eva Marie. She will be finished with WWE and her obligations to the E! Network for the show, but the timetable for the end of her deal is unknown. A lot of people are assuming it will be at some point this year, but that’s unconfirmed. There is still time for WWE to work out a new deal with her to continue working with the company, but no news has been reported on that.

There is some speculation about Eva Marie appearing on WWE programming again before her contract with the company expires. The WWE Universe seems to believe that we have seen the last of “The Red Queen” on television, which doesn’t upset most people. However, it has been rumored that she could make a few more appearances for WWE over the next few months and a possible role at Wrestlemania 34 is being rumored.

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For instance, something could be worked out to give Eva Marie a “leaving WWE” kind of angle over the next few months. Many people won’t be happy about the company pushing her just before she leaves WWE. The logic is if she’s about to blow up in Hollywood, WWE officials want to be promoted alongside her as much as possible. The only question is how big of a push they’d be willing to give Eva Marie on WWE programming.

Before her suspension, it seemed plausible for Eva Marie to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion at some point before Wrestlemania 33. Depending on when her contract runs out with WWE, a huge push into the SmackDown Women’s Title picture isn’t out of the question. There could be some kind of final angle for her on WWE programming, but the fans would be much happier if she just fulfilled her obligations and left.

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