‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Julie Chen Drops Hints About ‘BB19’ Cast, Does This Mean No All-Star 2 Season?

Big Brother 19 may be a few months away still, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early for a few juicy scoops about BB19. Host Julie Chen hinted on her Instagram page that the summer of 2017 will be full of drama and could feature an all new cast.

All New Cast?

For the past several years, Big Brother fans have begged for an all new cast. They are growing tired of seeing the same players return over and over. They would like some new people that are hungry to win the game and really play in an exciting way.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, that’s exactly what CBS could be planning. Apparently, the network realizes that the fans are tired of seeing the same recycled players and may try to “switch it up.”


Another scoop that came out on Twitter is the Robyn Kass, casting director, wants to cast people who applied for the show, rather than resort to recruited players. The Big Brother fans despise contracted players. Most of them have not even heard of the show and have no idea how to play the game.

Big Brother fans want super fans in the series. They want someone they can root for. They want someone who isn’t afraid to play a bold game. In another word, they want to find someone like Rachel Reily, Will Kirby, and Derek Levasseur.

No All-Star 2 Season?

Chen said a few years ago that she had wanted an all-star season, but the network wasn’t sure how well it would do. Big Brother fans would support another all-star season, especially since there hasn’t been one for 11 seasons, now.


Julie told EW that the Big Brother fans shouldn’t count on another all-star season. She added that the most popular seasons had been the ones with no returning players.

“I think the beauty of this game is showing true fans who have never played it, who have played it just from their armchair at home, have a stab at it and realize, wow, I had no idea what I was in for. You keep the game more pure that way. Even the die hard fans who know, ‘Oh, this is the game where they are going to test our memory of this and that’ — even those people, they crack under pressure and are like, ‘I thought it would be much easier because I’m an uber fan and it wasn’t easier at all.’ And I think you want that, and you lose that element if you bring people that have lived in that house before.”

A Mix Of Vets With Newbies A Possibility?

Big Brother could decide to cast a mix of veteran players with newbies. In fact, that’s what they have done the past few years. However, casting 12 newbies with four vets has been the norm for two seasons, so it may be time for Big Brother to switch it up.


A Redemption Type Season Possible?

Several Big Brother fans suggested CBS bring back 16 players that were voted off first in their seasons. The thinking was no one wants to see someone win Big Brother twice, but what if, people who were voted off first or second of their season came back to prove they could play the game.

With just over two months until the season premiere of Big Brother 19, there’s plenty of time for rumors and spoilers to leak out before the series returns in the summer. One thing is sure; Big Brother will be action-packed, full of drama, betrayal, and intense confrontations.


Big Brother 19 returns June 28 with a two-hour premiere on CBS.

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