WWE News: Seth Rollins STD Rumors Proven Fake By Former WWE Diva Sunny

Former WWE Diva Tamara Sytch, better known by her in-ring name Sunny, has definitively debunked recent reports which alleged that WWE Superstar Seth Rollins gave her an STD. The rumors, which originated from a fake account under Sunny’s name, has been called out by the former WWE Diva herself, ultimately driving the final nail in the short-lived rumor’s coffin.

While avid wrestling fans quickly questioned the authenticity of the post as soon as it went online, Sunny’s numerous run-ins with the law and her recent questionable behavior in and out of social media have managed to get netizens and WWE fans speculating about whether the rumor could be true. Fortunately, the real Tamara Sytch has emerged to clarify any misunderstandings and misconceptions that could have arisen from the controversial Facebook post, according to a Sportskeeda report. While the post has since been deleted, WWE fans were able to capture screenshots of the controversial Facebook status.


“It’s really funny how Seth Rollins or ‘Colby’ as he allowed me to call him never texted or called me back after our time alone. It’s also real funny how he didn’t want to use a condom ESPECIALLY after I told him I wanted to be safe…. But he assured me he had to type of STD’s. Now, 3 months later, I find out I have an STD. Real great, probably the biggest douche backstage right now. A real d***.”

Ever the assertive and fiery WWE Diva, the real Sunny did not waste any time letting the scandalous rumor exist longer than it should. Posting through her official Facebook account, the 44-year-old former WWE Diva fired off a barrage of words calling out her impostor. Here is Sunny’s response to the Seth Rollins STD rumor, edited due to the former wrestler’s penchant for using curse words liberally.

“So someone has made a fake page of me, and posted this…and it’s making the dirtsheets as if I said it. Unreal…I only have two pages. This one and the page I always tag. That’s it. It’s so obvious that this is not me writing because there isn’t a single curse word in there. NICE TRY F********!!! Get a life you f****** troll!!”

“So this fu****** who has a fake page of me is claiming that I f***** Seth Rollins 3 months ago and that he gave me an STD. Doesn’t do his homework, does he??? I’VE BEEN INCARCERATED AND IN REHAB SINCE SEPTEMBER 23rd YOU F****** A******!!! They don’t give conjugal visits in County lock up. NICE TRY, C***!”

According to a Fansided report, Sunny’s alibi and the reason for calling out her impostor are solid. The former WWE Diva, after all, has indeed been in jail since last year, as a result of, unsurprisingly, her questionable behavior. During the past, Sunny has been found to have faked cancer in order to gain sympathy. A number of her posts and claims in her official social media accounts have also been proven to be fake.


Apart from this, Seth Rollins has been pretty much at the peak of his career over the past few months. Thus, despite rumors of the wrestler’s sexual escapades being rampant, numerous wrestling fans had immediately come to the former champion’s defense when the STD rumors first came to light.

Overall, the recent Seth Rollins-Sunny STD rumor has proven once more that fake news from fake social media accounts is the bane of the internet. If it wasn’t for Sunny’s quick and characteristically foul-worded reply to her impostor, Seth Rollins’ reputation might have ended up taking an unnecessary hit. As ironic as it might sound, Sunny’s curse-filled Facebook behavior actually became the determining factor that ultimately unmasked the recent STD rumors, effectively putting the allegations to rest.

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