Gwen Stefani Hopes For Pregnancy Despite Blake Shelton Split Rumors: Is She Expecting A Baby?

Gwen Stefani is not ruling out the idea of having a baby in the near future.

The “Hollaback Girl” hitmaker has reportedly shared her concerns with friends and family in recent months about her chances to conceive again at the age of 47.

Her relationship with Blake Shelton has been going so strong that Gwen Stefani could only see herself having at least one more child with the supposed love of her life. On top of that, Gwen Stefani knows just how much Blake loves children, and since has none of his own, she definitely wants to make it happen for him.

Now that the couple is already said to be living together under one roof, marriage talk has been floating around for months. Sources say that Gwen and Blake are thinking about a specific date they could see themselves getting married, keeping their hectic schedules in mind.

Gwen Stefani backstage at the People's Choice Awards 2017.
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What hasn’t been spoken of as much, however, is Gwen’s plans to get pregnant again. Stefani wouldn’t want to continuously mention that she would like to experience pregnancy again at 47, especially if she can’t conceive at her age, but it’s definitely something she wants to complete her relationship with Shelton.

Knowing that they are already thinking about marriage and that Blake shares such a good relationship with Gwen Stefani’s kids, it has reassured the “Cool” singer that having another baby is the right move forward. However at the same time, even if Gwen conceives, carrying the baby at 47 could be a challenge.

“Gwen would love to have another child with Blake. He’s not pressuring her at all, but she knows it’s something he would love too,” an insider tells Hollywood Life.

The outlet continues to share that Gwen Stefani was very much inspired by Janet Jackson, who recently gave birth to a baby boy at the age of 50. Though the pregnancy wouldn’t have been easy, the fact that Janet was able to have another healthy child seems to have assured Gwen Stefani that she can do the same, so long as she has the right treatment and medical staff.

“She isn’t focused on it obsessively, but seeing Janet Jackson have a healthy baby at 50 has inspired her to open her mind more to the possibility. It’s made her start to see it as something she and Blake really could make happen.”

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Rumor has it that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been thinking about getting married later this year, but it’s a given fact that they constantly find themselves overworked with their hectic schedules, evidently causing conflicts with their initial plans.

Gwen Stefani has confirmed that she’s already back in the studio, working on her next solo project while Blake is expected to return to The Voice for yet another series later this year.

Of course, the fact that they have yet to become engaged is another factor as to why they haven’t finalized a specific date yet. Sources note, however, that Gwen Stefani and Shelton are happily in love. Right now, there’s really no rush for anything concerning marriage.

Getting pregnant at 47 is another story. Gwen Stefani certainly wants kids and she’s seemingly doing all of her research in how she can make this happen without finding herself in complications midway through.

The fact that she’s recording a new album could potentially add some stress to her life if she was to carry Blake’s child, but from what’s been gathered, Gwen Stefani would drop everything in a heartbeat if it came down to it. Her main focus would be to welcome a healthy baby into the world, and that’s exactly what she’s planning for right now.

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