WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Granted Leave Of Absence From Company, Is Brother’s Death And His Injury To Blame?

Fans who have been following the WWE for a while have noticed that Roman Reigns — the superstar that everyone seems to love to hate — hasn’t been in the ring as much. Part of the reason, of course, is because of his injury at the hands of Braun Strowman during a pretty heavy episode of Monday Night Raw. However, most people now believe that this injury is part of a kayfabe storyline which has been written to grant Reigns an extensive leave of absence. But why was Reigns granted this leave? Is it because of his injury, or is it because he wants to take some time off to handle some family business after his brother passed away?

According to the latest WWE rumors from WhatCulture, who broke the news about Reigns’ brief return to Raw next week, the reason Reigns is going on an extended leave of absence is because of the death of his brother.

“Reportedly dying of congestive heart failure on April 17, Matt Anoa’i was only 47 years old and Reigns will require time to process what has happened. Therefore, the polarising star will not work WWE live events this coming weekend and has been handed some brief compassionate leave to mourn the loss of his sibling.”

Meanwhile, the latest WWE rumors from Sportskeeda suggests that it will be a while before we see Reigns at any WWE event. This is really the first time he’s been absent for an extended period of time from the company since 2014 when a hernia and the subsequent operation sidelined him for a while.

Even after he was attacked by Braun Strowman on Twitter, he kept quiet, which was unusual for him because he’s earned a reputation of becoming very snappy on social media, especially to his “haters.”

But the reason Reigns will appear on Raw briefly is because he’ll be promoting the Payback match between himself and Strowman.

“After looking at the WWE ticket information, it’s clear that Reigns is not advertised for any house shows over the weekend and has been silent on social media since being attacked by Braun Strowman. Although Reigns is not advertised for live events this weekend, he is advertised for Raw, which indicates that Strowman and Reigns will have some type of interaction on next week’s episode.”

Speaking of Payback, the latest WWE rumors from Daily DDT suggest that they know which way things are going to go for that match, and it’s certainly doesn’t look good for Strowman. The outlet predicts Reigns to win that match, even though they’re still left wondering — as the rest of us are — where Reigns goes from here.

“If WWE kicks Reigns out of the Strowman vs. Lesnar picture, then he’d expectedly be involved in something prominent. Given how the company rarely pins him clean (unless we’re looking at his return from the 2016 Wellness Policy violation), maybe we see someone interfere at Payback, à la what the Monster Among Men did at the Royal Rumble.”

Wrestling fans, now it’s your turn. What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you think that Roman Reigns is out because of an injury or because of his family member’s passing?

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