United Airlines: Mexican Passenger Accused Of Trafficking Own Daughter, Escorted Off The Plane

United Airlines is in hot waters once again as a Mexican passenger was allegedly escorted off the plane after being accused of trafficking his own daughter. This latest incident is just one of several passengers complaining about being kicked out of their flight abruptly, reports claim.

Earlier this week, a new complaint tarnished the already damaged reputation of United Airlines. According to reports, a Mexican passenger was maliciously accused of child trafficking her very own daughter. The father and daughter reportedly returned home from a one-week vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Maura Furfey, the wife of the Mexican passenger revealed what transpired during the dismaying United Airlines flight.

Furfey, which is of Irish descent, recalled the day when she received a phone call from Port Authority for an “incident on the plane.” The worried mother immediately drove to Newark Airport to check on her husband and their 3-year-old daughter.

United Airlines faces another controversy
United Airlines reportedly escorted a Mexican passenger off the plane after accusing it of trafficking his own daughter. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Apparently, another passenger on the same flight accused the father of child trafficking. The passenger claimed that the “fair-skinned daughter didn’t look like her Mexican father,” leading to suspicion that he kidnapped her.

“This passenger had no basis for this claim, nor any evidence to back it up.”

As a result, the father and daughter were escorted off the plane by the Port Authority and Customs and Border Patrol before anyone else could get off — a scenario which humiliated the innocent passengers. Apparently, the officials took the two for questioning as per protocol, reports claim.

Furfey detailed how her husband was bombarded with questions to a point where the helpless girl started crying. After several queries, the CBP was reportedly convinced that the incident was a mistake and the subject was not really trafficking his daughter. The CBP also clarified that they were only following protocol and that the accusation was not directly from them.

“It is more important to us that United and other airlines review its procedures,” Furfey says. “A simple check of the passports or flight records would clearly show that there was no problem in this situation…”

United Airlines claims they were just following protocols during an incident with a Mexican passenger accused of child trafficking. [Image by Tim Boyle/Getty Images]

Following the incident, Furfey revealed that she filed a complaint against United Airlines with the customer service. Days later, the airline responded with an apology and a $100 travel voucher, reports claim. However, Furfey insisted that no amount can compensate the trouble they have caused. She also added that United Airlines must do necessary measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.

“This is useless to us because we won’t ever fly with this particular airline again.”

Recently, United Airlines faced a backlash from the public and its loyal passengers after the controversial incident with Dr. David Dao. It can be recalled that the Vietnamese physician was violently dragged from his seat to give space for the airline’s crew member. This incident reportedly led to some policy changes made recently by the company.

According to reports, United Airlines implemented a new policy requiring “commuting staff and crew members to check into flights 60 minutes prior to departure.” The said initiative will hopefully prevent overloading incident just like what happened earlier this month.

“This [policy change] ensures situations like flight 3411 never happen again. This is one of our initial steps in a review of our policies in order to deliver the best customer experience.”

In addition, United Airlines also reiterated that “if ever the airline does need to boot a paying passenger off the flight, law enforcement will no longer be involved.”

[Featured Image by Tim Boyle/Getty Images]