April The Giraffe’s Cam Goes Dark Today, Calf Lovers Saddened, Animal Adventure Park ‘Goodbye’ Is Not Forever

For the past two months, more than a million viewers have been keeping an eye on April the giraffe’s cam on YouTube. Some of us even have the Toy R Us sponsorship logo burned into our computer screens. It’s easy in a world that may seem cold at times to be warmed by something as sweet as April the giraffe. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when April the giraffe gave birth, and the calf arrived on April 15, it was a bittersweet moment.

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Most of us were proud of her for the wonderful job that she had done, but at the same time, we were saddened by the realization April’s live feed giraffe cam would soon be removed from YouTube. That moment has arrived. The Animal Adventure Park, where April the giraffe and her calf reside, posted an update this morning detailing their plans.

“Giraffe Cam will go dark Friday at 4:30 pm eastern. We will all be there to say goodbye.
The future plans will be announced next week of when and how you can check on the baby. Text alert subscribers will receive weekly photo updates also.”

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The Animal Adventure Park has said many times that they will be removing the live giraffe cam from YouTube. For many people, however, the recent news hit hard as if they were hearing it for the first time. One such viewer expressed her love for April and Oliver on Facebook.

“My heart is breaking…. so sad… these wonderful animals have helped me through some bleak moments in my life, silly really how one can get so attached to something you will never meet. The slow, graceful movements helped me… learn to be more patient in life. April and Oliver, I can never thank you enough for what you have got me through without you knowing, and thank you Jordan for allowing us into their enclosure.”

Fans of April the giraffe were filled with sadness during the Animal Adventure Park’s last giraffe cam live chat on YouTube. The park, however, has answered some of the questions that many of us have been asking recently. First and foremost is the health of April’s calf. Animal Adventure spoke about April and her calf in a recent update.

“All is well and baby continues to gain! A small floor scale has been implemented to get a read on baby without separating mom and handling calf. This is the corner the little guy prefers – inconveniently out of camera view!”

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April and her calf are doing great. The calf now weighs approximately 135 pounds and continues to nurse normally. The Animal Adventure Park mentioned that April cannot, nor can any other giraffe, nurse laying down, which is why she doesn’t. April stands up from her rest periods when the calf needs to nurse. This is the main reason why we haven’t seen April cuddle with her calf on the giraffe cam.

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Both April and her calf may potentially go out into the yard this weekend. Many viewers were hoping that the giraffe cam would remain live on YouTube for this milestone, but it doesn’t look like that is going to be the case. The Animal Adventure Park did mention that the yard cam will go up this season.


The Animal Adventure Park promises to post photos and video clips of the calf’s milestones on their Facebook page in an effort to keep all of April the giraffe’s followers updated with their progress. The calf will eventually leave Animal Adventure since Park since there is a chance of inbreeding. The park doesn’t want to compromise the breed’s bloodline. The separation of April and her calf will not happen until the calf is fully weaned. Giraffe calves wean at approximately 10 to 12 months of age.

Many of April’s viewers will be sad to see the live giraffe cam on YouTube go dark. One of April’s followers had some great advice for those who miss April and all of her antics.

“When you get sad, which will happen to all of us, just remember the amazing things we witnessed. The great escape attempt by April and Oliver. The millions of hay showers. Oliver running around his stall for treats. Belly kisses, carrot cam, Dr. Tim dodging kicks, and most important the birth of that beautiful baby.”

The live giraffe cam on YouTube is scheduled to be removed this afternoon at 4:30 pm. The Animal Adventure Park staff will all be there to say goodbye. You can tune in to view the giraffe cam in the video player below or view an archived version at a later date. Names for the baby are still pouring in, but he still has no name.

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