Lindsay Lohan: Source Claims ‘Lifetime’ May Sue For Breach Of Contract

Lindsay Lohan may be facing a breach of contract lawsuit from the Lifetime network. A supposed insider told Fox411 that the Liz & Dick star violated the stipulations with the television network’s insurance company when she got behind the wheel of a car.

According to the source, Lohan was prohibited from driving or even riding in any vehicle that was not manned by the provided driver during the six weeks of filming.

Lohan’s alleged insurance policy violation happened in June when the star’s car slammed into the read-end of an 18-wheeler along the Pacific Coast Highway. Lindsay supposedly told responding law enforcement officers that she was not the person driving the rented Porsche. The officers reportedly did not believe the Liz & Dick star’s story.

Since lying to the police is a crime, Lindsay could have her probation revoked, Examiner notes. The court monitoring was put into place last year after a necklace theft incident. The source had this to say when talking to Fox:

“Naturally Lifetime did not want to make a big deal out of it until Liz & Dick premiered as that would have been really bad for PR. But Lohan’s team is already preparing for the fallout from a civil case against her. Lifetime is probably waiting to see whether or not the District Attorney’s office files a case against Lindsay for lying. If they do, it will make their suit more credible.”

The Lifetime network’s legal team is allegedly in talks with Lindsay Lohan’s legal eagles to settle the mess before it goes to court. The district attorney’s office is remaining silent about what will happen to the beleaguered former Disney star in relation to offering a supposed false statement to police officers