World War 3: Doomsday Nuclear Bunkers Selling Faster Than Ever As Fears Of WW3 Grow

With so many people around the world feeling genuinely frightened about World War 3 happening soon, it should come as no surprise that doomsday nuclear bunkers are selling at a record-breaking rate right now. With North Korea threatening war over U.S. military interference with their country and North Korea’s U.N. ambassador Kim In Ryong stating that “a thermonuclear war may break out at any moment if the U.S. dares opt for a military action,” as News Corp Australia report, some are planning for the worst and buying nuclear bunkers so that they will be able to survive World War 3.

With so much tension in the world between countries like the United States, North Korea, and Russia, there are a lot of people who believe that it is wholly sensible to protect themselves as best as they can should they find themselves in the middle of World War 3, and being protected by a nuclear bunker makes the most sense to them. These aren’t just a small number of people, either.

Gary Lynch, who is the general manager for Rising S Company in Texas, has said that in 2016 his company saw a 700 percent rise in sales for underground shelters when compared with previous years. And right after President Trump was elected, the company’s sales immediately shot up 300 percent.

A nuclear bunker which could survive World War 3, found in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.
A nuclear bunker which could survive World War 3, found in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Chief executive Robert Vicino, from the high-end shelter company known as Vivos, recently told CNN that having a sort of luxury bunker is essential when it comes to human survival and World War 3 as “mankind cannot survive long-term in a Spartan, bleak environment.”

To try and make their survival after World War 3 more palatable, people are purchasing old military bunkers and missile silos and converting them into condos and even underground villages. Some of the underground villages even come equipped with cinemas, leisure areas, and swimming pools.

These doomsday bunkers can be found in many countries right now, including the United States and Germany. However, the price is steep if you wish to purchase a bunker. The Luxury Survival Condo Resort in Kansas, for instance, will set you back $4.5 million for a penthouse and $3 million if you purchase a full floor unit.

An engineer named Larry Hall came up with the idea of the Luxury Survival Condo Resort and turned old missile silos into condos that are built to withstand World War 3. These condos will even have full military grade protection to keep its residents safe. The first silo has currently sold out, but due to the popularity of doomsday bunkers, a second one is being built by the company now. The company’s website boasts a very luxury nuclear bunker.

“It offers spacious condos with many amenities including luxury living space and a dog walking park, rock climbing wall, general store and an aquaponic farm, among other features, all of which are underground and encompassed by walls that are 2.5 to 9 feet thick. In the event of a major disaster, economic collapse or whatever the future may hold, there is one common concern that Larry and his tenants share. And that is the ability to protect themselves and their families when the government is no longer able to do so.”

There are numerous doomsday nuclear bunkers in the United States which people have been purchasing to help them prepare for World War 3, but they are all over the world right now. The Inquisitr reported that they are building underground bunkers in Russia that will be strong enough to withstand nuclear war and The Express has mapped out the nuclear bunkers in the UK, so people will know where they are at.

A sign points the way to a formerly secret nuclear bunker in the UK
A sign points the way to a formerly secret nuclear bunker in the UK. [Image by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]

In the UK, there are quite a few underground nuclear bunkers lurking that people may not have known about before. In Bridgend, Wales under the housing estate known as Brackla there is a nuclear bunker which was built in the 1960s. There is also a 240-acre nuclear bunker in Bath and one in Hack Green, Cheshire which is open to the public. Aside from these three bunkers, there are numerous other doomsday bunkers scattered throughout the UK.

The New Yorker recently reported that those with the means from Silicon Valley, New York and elsewhere are getting themselves prepared for World War 3 and making serious doomsday preparations. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to the survival of war and where people can share stories about their plans in case a war does break out. A member of one of these boards who heads up an investment firm explains that he likes to “keep a helicopter gassed up all the time, and I have an underground bunker with an air-filtration system.”

Do you think that World War 3 is a possibility now and would you ever consider purchasing a doomsday nuclear bunker if you had the money to do so?

[Featured Image by Hulton Archive/Getty Images]