‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Breaks Silence, Speaks Out About Saint’s Health And Internet Trolls

UPDATE: One such group that was mentioned in the article without being named is the Facebook group BaaBaDome, who also have a page on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They describe their “mission” unapologetically in a header.

“A group to discuss all things Southern Charm and share all the reasons we worship Kween Kathryn. Also, if any of ya c***s are scientists, please work on a cure for FAS – Kathryn’s current and future offspring thank you in advance.”

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has remained silent about the social media obsession with her son, Saint, and the insinuation that he has developmental issues or health problems. Fans have generally blamed Kathryn herself and suggested that she drank or used drugs during her pregnancy. Kathryn says she is disgusted by the rants about her child, 18-month-old Saint, and wants to set the record straight.

Since Southern Charm Season 4 started, Kathryn has commented on things that are surface issues, like the additions to the Southern Charm cast, several people looking for their 15 minutes, and another attempt by Southern Charm cast member Landon to launch her online travel guide, reports the Inquisitr. But rarely has Kathryn spoken out about such a deeply personal topic as her children’s health. Kathryn believes that people forget that there is an actual child behind the comments they make and the photos they post, but kids should be off limits.

Talking about the child of Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, St. Julien Rembert Ravenel (known to his family as Saint) has seemingly become a sport for some online. Under the guise of humor, many people on social media seem obsessed with talking about Saint’s development and have diagnosed him with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). The Southern Charm star says that it blows her mind that there are pages and websites dedicated to her son’s health, and not in a good way.

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Kathryn says she would challenge any mother to take it as a joke when people talk about a toddler having developmental problems.

“First of all, to talk about a child’s appearance is low, disgusting, sick and twisted. Next, Saint has hit every developmental milestone he is supposed to hit, and is doing very well. I did not drink or use drugs during my pregnancy. For people to look at a photo and diagnose a baby, and then talk about it online is revolting.”


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Kathryn explains that people seem compelled to say hateful things almost every time she posts of a photo of him on social media, and even when Saint’s father, Thomas Ravenel, shares pics of Kensie and Saint on Instagram, people make statements, sometimes just writing FAS! under a photo of someone’s children. It is hard to imagine that anyone who has children of their own would do such a thing.

But Kathryn says that she gives most of her fans the credit of knowing that if Thomas Ravenel could prove that anything she did while pregnant harmed Saint, he would have used it publicly against her and certainly would have mentioned it on Southern Charm.

“Does anyone out there really believe that if there was any issue about FAS, that Thomas would just let it go? C’mon! If Saint had any health issues as a result of something that I had done wrong during pregnancy, I would have never gotten visitation back? Both kids are very happy and healthy, thank goodness!”

But on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, people still call out a toddler and Kathryn by giving her unsolicited advice. But most of the people who do this have private accounts or block anyone who is then critical of them. Some obviously use fake names and use the last name of cast members of Southern Charm. On Twitter, one person, in particular, comments regularly about Kathryn and Saint.

“KD is vile. The son needs to be evaluated…his eyes and face are indicative of FAS.”

On one of Thomas Ravenel’s Instagram photos, someone who follows him trolled a cute photo of Saint in his stroller to insult the children, Kathryn, and Thomas.

“This one looks slow too. Between her ugly mom and slow dumb dad he’s going to get picked on. Poor kid.”

Saint is steering for all of us ????✔️

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But Kathryn wants the fans who call the trolls out to know that she appreciates you. Particularly on Instagram, fans of Southern Charm try to let others know that it is unacceptable to mock children anywhere, at any time.

“Anyone who insults innocent kids deserve to be in the lowest form of hell.”

What do you think of making fun of children on social media or attempting to diagnose them with developmental issues?

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