Blake Shelton Takes Another Dig At Adam Levine As Fans Claim He’s ‘Too Mean’ On ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton just took another jab at fellow The Voice coach Adam Levine – and his bleach blond hair – despite fans claiming Shelton may be going too far with his jibes on the NBC show.

Following the most recent instalment of The Voice, where Blake made no secret of the fact that he’s not the biggest fan of his co-star’s hair, he once again took aim at his friend and his bright blond locks in an interview with Access Hollywood where he called Levine’s hair a “catastrophe.”

After initially poking fun at Adam on the show, Blake continued his playful banter on the red carpet after the live episode by joking that he thought Levine was just trying to get attention by dying his hair such a bright color.

“I don’t think Adam realizes he’s already on television, so he doesn’t have to do things like that to get people’s attention,” Shelton said of Levine, once again throwing out a playful diss over the singer’s pretty unique hair color that he debuted earlier this week. “You know, he could just be on TV. You’re already Adam Levine, you know!”

After fellow The Voice coach Alicia Keys accused Blake of being jealous of Adam and his hair, Shelton then hit back, “I may be jealous of Adam for a lot of things, but that catastrophe on top of his head is not one of them. No.”

Blake Shelton Takes Another Dig At Adam Levine As Fans Claim He's 'Too Mean' On Season 12 of 'The Voice'
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Blake’s latest diss came after Shelton initially mocked Adam’s hairstyle on The Voice, even donning a blonde wig to poke fun at his long time co-coach as the playoffs took place.

Shelton jokingly donned a bleach blond wig to make fun of Adam during the show, to which Daily Mail reported host Carson Daly asked Levine, “That’s like looking in the mirror, right Adam?”

“What? What is that on your head?” Adam then asked Blake, to which Shelton replied, “Exactly” before then comparing Levine’s hair to Anderson Cooper’s.

While Adam Levine appeared to take the diss all in his stride, Blake Shelton’s latest diss came after some viewers claimed the country star was being “too mean” to his long-time friend after their friendly rivalry on The Voice has stretched for several seasons.

“Blake is way too mean to Adam on The Voice, like leave Adam alone ok,” Twitter user @abbyrawandrews wrote after seeing Shelton take aim at Levine on the singing show. “He wrote ‘She Will Be Loved’ he’s a sensitive soul.”

“Adam, you really take a lot of verbal smacking from Blake,” The Voice fan @cindy_walker1 added after seeing Levine being poked fun at by Shelton with another diss on the singing show this week. “I love your new hair!!”

Blake Shelton Disses Adam Levine As Fans Claim He's 'Too Mean' On 'The Voice'
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Blake previously threw out yet another diss in Adam’s direction last month, once again joking about his hair color while comparing the Maroon 5 singer to TV chef Guy Fieri.

But while Shelton is making it very clear that he’s not a fan of Levine’s locks, Adam told Entertainment Tonight that his six-month-old daughter Dusty Rose actually likes his hair, despite Blake’s diss.

“She doesn’t wig out. I’ve had a lot of weird facial hair and hair colors,” Levine said of why Dusty Rose, his daughter with Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, isn’t too bothered about his unique choice despite Blake’s remarks. “She seems to understand that it’s me, so I’m happy about that.”

As for why Levine decided to go back to the bright blond look after Shelton wasn’t too accommodating about the change, he told the site that he “decided I looked good in it, so I decided I should do it again.”

Do you think Blake Shelton is going too far poking fun at Adam Levine on The Voice with his diss?

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