No, Jennifer Lawrence And Emma Stone Are Not Feuding, Emma Watson To Take Highest Paid Title [Debunked]

Tabloids love to fabricate a good cat fight involving talented leading women of Hollywood and this time it’s been Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone who have been made the subject of new claims that are absolutely false.

The dubious tabloid National Enquirer is the culprit in regards to a rumored feud involving Stone and Lawrence, and it alleges that the women are feuding due to Jen not wanting to share the spotlight with the Academy Award winner who received the title of Best Actress, as did the Hunger Games star in previous years.

Gossip Cop shares the details involved in this ludicrous claim by the tabloid.

“The accompanying article goes on to purport that Lawrence is jealous of Stone winning Best Actress for La La Land at this year’s Oscars, and it’s caused a rift between the stars. It should be noted, Lawrence won the Academy Award in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook, and has been nominated on three additional occasions.”

The story was based on the words of a supposed source who stated that Lawrence is upset over media and fans describing Stone as “the new J-Law” going on to add that now Jen is “trashing Emma to anyone who’ll listen and has told her team she doesn’t want to be in the same room with her.”

The gossip policing site has looked into claims and a source close to the actresses states that there is no feud and that Jen and Emma get along very well.

As GC reminds, this specific tabloid has been guilty in perpetuating false claims about each of the women in the past by publishing a story that Jen had ended her friendship with funny girl Amy Schumer. Additionally, the National Enquirer was busted for stating that Emma Stone had refused to gain weight for her role as Cruella De Vil in an upcoming film.

Although such feuds between stars are usually either false or all for publicity, it’s likely that tabloids will spur on a new feud claim involving Lawrence and another Emma. Emma Watson has found massive success on screen over her decades in the industry. Landing the role as Hemione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise and going on to a successful career as an adult, Watson has now found herself the star of the first movie this year to hit $1 billion at the box office. Emma stars as Belle in Beauty and the Beast and is set to take the title of the world’s highest paid actress from Jennifer Lawrence, who has held on to it with ease over the past couple of years.

She Knows relays the details about the title which Lawrence is likely going to be passing on to Watson.

“Lawrence made $46 million last year, and $52 million the year before. But as Beauty and the Beast passes $1 billion in box office sales, Watson’s about to make it rain. She’s entitled to a portion of the profits from the film as per her contract,”

Both women are not only talented actresses, but are also advocates for feminism and gender equality. Lawrence has been praised for her very honest essay in Lenny Letters regarding her frustrations with the gender pay gap, and has spoken at numerous events on the subject.

Emma Watson has spearheaded the #HeForShe campaign and has been a UN ambassador for gender equality. In addition, the beauty promotes an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. The publication notes Emma’s latest actions for the cause, while she promoted her latest film.

“While on her press tour for the film, Watson started an Instagram to promote sustainable vegan fashion, focusing on things like organic cotton, silk and bamboo, recycled and forest-friendly fabrics and regenerated cashmere from companies that do things like keep their carbon footprint to a minimum.”

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