World War 3: Expert Warns ‘Everybody Will Die’ If WW3 Breaks Out

Amid growing fears over World War 3, an expert is now warning that “everybody would die” if WW3 breaks out.

As tension continue to rise across the world, notably between the U.S., Russia and North Korea, a nuclear war expert has issued a chilling warning about what could be a catastrophic collision between the world’s super powers.

According to a new report by Daily Star, nuclear war expert Greg Mello issued the chilling warning that everyone in the southern hemisphere would be in grave danger if nuclear war were to break out after relations between the U.S., Russia, and North Korea hit an all-time low.

Mello, the executive director of Los Alamos Study Group, reportedly told Global Research that if nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia really does break out that “everybody in the world would die” as a result of the conflict.

“Some people in the southern hemisphere might survive, but probably not even them,” he then added amid growing fears over World War 3, suggesting a disruption of the peace would have catastrophic consequences across the globe.

Calling “the whole system very fragile,” Mello continued amid World War 3 fears that “even a couple of nuclear weapons could end the United States as a government and an economy.”

WW3: Nuclear war expert warns "everyone would die"
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“It wouldn’t take a great deal to destroy the ‘just in time’ supply chains, the financial markets and the internet,” the expert continued of a possible nuclear war via Daily Star. “It means the collapse of very fragile electronic, financial, governmental, administrative systems that keep everyone alive.”

The nuclear war expert’s chilling message about a possible World War 3 comes shortly after it was claimed by Huffington Post that Google searches for the term are now at an all-time high.

The site claimed last week that searches for “World War 3” are now higher than they’ve even been, while also reporting that Google users have also been frantically searching the terms “Trump War” and “Nuclear War” as tensions around the globe continue to rise over the past few weeks.

A report by AOL claimed that searches for “World War III” have also risen sharply over the past few weeks, reportedly peaking on Google on April 7 which is the day after President Donald Trump ordered a missile strike in Syria.

The outlet also claimed that World War 3 searches have remained pretty “steady” in the days following the strike.

World War 3 - Expert Warns 'Everybody Would Die' If WW3 Breaks Out
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While a spike in search terms certainly isn’t confirmation that a nuclear war could break out at any moment, AOL noted that the term “World War III” has only spiked in such a way on one other occasion which was reportedly after the Paris terror attacks that rocked France two years ago in November 2015.

And as search terms continue to increase in popularity, social media users have also been discussing the possibility of a third World War on social media over the past few weeks, expressing their fears that a nuclear war could be on the verge of coming to fruition.

“I’m so scared about this world war 3 claims, it’s disgusting to think about,” Twitter user @hughie_maughan tweeted as social media users begin to panic about the possibility of a third global war, while @KortianG tweeted that they were “genuinely scared world war 3 is going to start. It’s not unlikely either and it could be started by a simple tweet from Trump.”

“Last year I was worried about getting a car. This year I’m worried about WWIII and nuclear bombs,” Twitter user @iProngs tweeted amid recent fears over a nuclear war. “What a difference a year makes.”

What do you think of nuclear war expert Greg Mello’s chilling warning amid fears World War 3 could potentially be imminent?

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