Potential Opponents For Brock Lesnar At ‘WWE Summerslam,’ Will It Be Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Or Jeff Hardy?

Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal Title reign is expected to last through at least WWE Summerslam; the early word is that the powers that be have already chosen his opponent for the “biggest party of the summer.” The WWE Universe isn’t thrilled about Brock winning the championship at WrestleMania 33 only to take it with him on hiatus because it robs the rest of Raw’s roster of opportunities while he’s away for months at a time.

It’s been reported that WWE officials have penciled in Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans next year. The expectation is that Lesnar will be holding onto the WWE Universal Title until that event. The WWE Universe is likely to get more frustrated with that as more time passes, but the powers that be are planning to give most stars on Raw their chance to take on The Beast Incarnate over the year.

Brock Lesnar won’t be appearing or defending the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Payback in less than two weeks. It’s still undecided on when he will return to WWE television to meet his first challenger. It appears that Braun Strowman is preparing to be the first opponent for him, which will happen before WWE Summerslam. The reason for that is because WWE is planning another huge opponent for that huge PPV.

Finn Balor Jeff Hardy and Seth Rollins Could All Face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam
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It’s being reported that Braun Strowman will get his shot at the WWE Universal Championship soon, but he will continue feuding with Roman Reigns through WWE Summerslam. That will leave Brock open for a new rivalry for the event. As of this writing, there are three names that are likely to face Brock Lesnar at the PPV.

Seth Rollins has taken on The Beast Incarnate before, but he’s a babyface now. The dynamic would be quite different, especially with Lesnar holding the championship this time. Rollins should have a good amount of momentum after beating Samoa Joe as well. WWE officials don’t seem to be booking Seth Rollins with long-term plans in mind. He’s an option to face Brock Lesnar at WWE Summerslam, but there are better options.

Jeff Hardy is also expected to get a huge push from WWE officials over the next few months. Apparently, his match with Cesaro on Raw this week was a trial run to see if the fans still respond to him like they did a few years ago during his main event run. Eventually, he will be back in the main event picture. WWE is planning a lot of new feuds for him. Hardy vs. Lesnar is one of the possibilities, which could happen over the summer.

Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor Could Happen at WWE Summerslam
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It was rumored right after WrestleMania 33 that Finn Balor would reenter the WWE Universal Title picture very quickly after returning to WWE television. Finn Balor was the first WWE Universal Champion and was forced to vacate the title. He never lost the title, which is expected to become a storyline sooner rather than later. It’s obvious that The Beast vs. The Demon is a big money match for an event like WWE Summerslam.

The biggest show of the summer is still roughly four months away. It will be here fast, but WWE officials are concerned about building up Strowman for Braun vs. Brock at some point over the next couple of months. It will be some time before Lesnar’s opponent for WWE Summerslam is revealed. However, the early choices are strong. The WWE Universe will determine who gets the opportunity and things like injuries and other factors will come into play as well. No matter what, Brock Lesnar will have a huge match at the event.

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