Newest ‘Tom and Jerry’ Film With ‘Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory’ Causes Stir

Tom and Jerry are back in the movies, but this time with Willy Wonka, Charlie, and the chocolate factory. Warner Bros. animation studio is set to release the film in DVDs this year and the trailer is already up on youtube. However, many people are not thrilled with the news. Critics, on the other hand, have come forward to air their opinions.

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Movieweb has called the film “some sort of Frankenstein’s monster of things that never seemed to go together,” and Moviepilot has also called the animation film as the “worst.” The latter argues that Warner Bros. is banking on the popularity that Tom and Jerry used to have instead of making a new movie for the characters that is more suited for the present times. Not only that, Tom and Jerry have been mixed with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which according to the site is like “two ill-fitting Lego pieces.” Gizmodo shared the same thought that the new movie “just shoved ‘Tom and Jerry’ on the front of it and there’s no real connection.” It even referred to it as the scariest movie of 2017. Avclub has also raised its concern that it might not be good for the popular Willy Wonka film.

“Somewhere, at some point, a tired parent is going to sit their kid in front of this thing, without having seen the original Willy Wonka first. That kid is going to grow up with ‘Tuffy The Oompa-Loompa’ and knock-off Wonka in their head. And how does the realm of pure imagination come back from that?”

In the trailer, it can be seen that the setting of the movie is the chocolate factory which made it more like an animated version of the popular Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Although the movie is not set in real life and a make believe one, critics say it doesn’t seem right to see Tom and Jerry in the chocolate factory. Just their presence, make the place an unsanitary environment where cat and mouse can freely run and have an adventure. Also, questions are being raised how the characters actually ended up in the chocolate factory.

“If there are only 5 golden tickets; so how did Tom & Jerry get into Wonka’s factory? It seems like the Wonka Security is more than happy to let varmints and random house pets into a factory that’s sole purpose is to produce candy – seems a bit unsanitary. On top of Tom & Jerry tracking disease and street germs into the chocolate factory, Wonka also has mice operating as the primary labor force.”

This is not the first film of Tom and Jerry involving another famous movie character. The duo, had their take on various different popular films in the past such as Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes released in 2010; Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz in 2011; its sequel Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz in 2016; Robinhood and His Merry Mouse released in 2012; and Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry in 2005.

The reactions of ordinary people upon its release were much of a disdain. Mostly took to Twitter their disappointment at the newest offering of Warner Bros. as they feel that it is inappropriate to use the term ‘original’ to refer to the film. There were even users who have trolled and made fun of the title of the movie with one even calling the movie an embarrassing garbage.

The Tom and Jerry duo first debuted in 1940 through a series of animated short films. The story revolves around the rivalry between the characters, the restless chase of Tom for Jerry, and their adventures. Their popularity went on for decades which have resulted in the creation of more spin-offs and films.

The new movie will be called Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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