Jimmy Kimmel Swaps Starbucks Premium Coffee For Regular, No One Can Tell [Video]

Dusten Carlson

Jimmy Kimmel is pretty much the "social experiment" late-night guy. His most recent shenanigans have him replacing premium Starbucks coffee with regular coffee, and as you might expect, no one can tell the difference.

"I feel like this is a test to find out just how stupid we are," Kimmel said.

Starbucks introduced a crazy-expensive brew called "Costa Rica Finca Palmilera," which is "Clover-brewed" and sells for $7 a pop. To see if people could even tell the difference, Jimmy Kimmel sent one of his staff members to the streets of Hollywood to test his theory that, in fact, they can't. Swapping the premium reserve for regular Folgers on unsuspecting passers-by, the staff member interviewed the duped customers, who couldn't seem to tell the difference.

The blind taste test had two identical coffee cups, labelled "A" and "B," both filled with the same garden variety coffee. Still, people swore they could taste a difference between the two brews, which proves some psychological principle I remember from community college but couldn't find fast enough on Google just now.

One of the punk'd even remarked that one of the coffees "just tastes more premium." Another said "It has a bean-y taste. It tastes like a bean. It has like this roast-y, grind-feeling."

Kimmel has pulled numerous pranks like this in the past. Ahead of the iPhone 5 release, he handed Apple enthusiasts a regular iPhone 4S and told them it was the new tech. Those holding the mundane 4S immediately started praising Apple's innovation and improvements over the old model.

Here's Jimmy Kimmel's premium coffee prank:

[iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/HxlGI4OzeBk" width="560" height="315"]