‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Says Goodbye To Julian, Is Julexis Done For Good Or Can They Be Fixed?

There comes a time on ABC’s General Hospital when a fan-favorite couple breaks up for good. Many relationships start out sizzling hot, but some of them end up eventually fizzling out. Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome always give viewers quite a bit to talk about. While they used to be a stable pair, that is no longer true. It looks like they may be done for good this time.

Julexis fans were anxiously waiting for a reunion between Julian and Alexis, and they finally got their wish on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. However, their happiness only lasted for a very short time. As reported by Soap Central, Alexis has closed the door to the past, just as she was hoping to do after having a heart-to-heart with Julian.

Apparently, these two were not on the same page when they chose to reignite their passion on Tuesday’s show. There is certainly no shortage of major chemistry between them, which is why fans love this pairing so much. It seemed like they were on their way to resuming their relationship, despite all that they have been through. However, Alexis abruptly put a stop to it.

For Julian, their night of passion meant that they were on their way to fixing their broken relationship. He asked his wife to leave town with him to start fresh, but Alexis had different ideas. She wanted closure, and for her, their night of passion was her way of saying goodbye to him.

They discussed what had happened over the past year when Liv was making Julian do whatever she wanted him to do. He told Alexis how sorry he was for hurting her so badly. She broke down and said that he was the reason she turned to drinking and that she was done getting hurt by him.

While Alexis was hoping that he would change for her, she finally came to the realization that he never will. She admitted just how powerful their love is, but there was also so much heartache. Julian agreed to stay out of her life for good this time to keep her from any more pain. These were amazing scenes by actors Nancy Lee Grahn and William deVry as they both brought their tormented emotions to the soap. This is exactly why many General Hospital viewers are rooting for this couple to get back together.

General Hospital Julexis
Can Julexis be fixed? [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]

Fortunately for Julexis fans, it looks like Julian is not leaving town after all. Sam Morgan tracked them both down and showed up with the police to make sure that her dad was arrested for his crimes. Alexis thought that she would have her husband out of her life for good, but now he is forced to stay in Port Charles. How will she deal with her conflicted feelings?

Alexis said that she is completely done with Julian, but now that he has been arrested, she may change her mind about that. General Hospital spoilers are saying that once Julian’s future hangs in the balance, she will be closely examining how she feels about that. Will she open her eyes to the fact that she really doesn’t want to live without him after all? Should she let him back into her life, despite having put a knife to her throat?

Many hearts were breaking as Julian and Alexis were saying goodbye to each other on Tuesday’s General Hospital, but things can turn around very quickly. She may have a change of heart eventually. However, that doesn’t mean that the rest of her family will do the same. Sam is ready for her dad to pay for what he did to her mom. Kristina and Molly have also encouraged their mom to kick Julian to the curb.

Will anything change now that Julian is off to jail instead of skipping town? Is it too late to save Julexis? Be sure to catch the next few weeks of General Hospital to find out how Alexis will handle this situation. You just never know what May sweeps have in store.

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