Google Earth’s Latest Massive Update Can Now Take Users Inside Famous Museums Plus More!

Google has once again broken boundaries with the re-imagined version of its Earth mapping service, Google Earth. The tech giant launched the latest version of Google Earth on Tuesday, and the improvements are simply massive.

Google has incorporated storytelling and artificial intelligence into the re-vamped Google Earth service. According to Google Earth director Rebecca Moore, the all new Google Earth is their “Gift to the world.” According to Inquirer, Moore gave AFP an early look at the latest version of Google Earth, flaunting its newfound capability to let people explore the planet in just one click.

“It’s a product that speaks to our deepest values around education and making information available to people,” says Moore. The new Google Earth makes it possible for people to explore the planet digitally whilst being guided by interactive storytellers, including exports from BBC Earth, NASA, Sesame Street, and The Jane Goodall Institute.

The massive update brings to life a fresh new feature called “Voyager,” which will remove the pre-existing limitations of the service. Looking back, Google Earth users were limited to exploring famous places, all while being on their own, as they click random spots on the globe in hopes of finding seeming amazing. Those days are over, as Google Earth’s “Voyager” will be your guide as you start your digital journey around the planet all from the comfort of your computer or smartphone.

Business Insider reports that “Voyager” will grace users with dozens of Google Earth journeys all of which with their own storyteller. Moreover, each trip the user takes with “Voyager” will be centered on the theme “Museums Around the World.” In light of this, Google Earth will be able to dish out a street view of 28 museums from all over the world, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid.

4.18.17 Google Earth’s latest update is taking you on expeditions around the world. The new feature is more about discovery and sparking wanderlust, using curated content and the the trend of social media “stories” to take users on themed journeys around the planet--complete with media that makes each destination informative and in some cases, with 360-degree video, immersive. Voyager is the result of a partnership with DigitalGlobe and the BBC. In addition to tours, voyager offers itineraries, taking users around points of interest of different cities. Google Earth is moving beyond its role as a research tool, and joining the world of original content. #ImmersiveEntertainmentBackslash (jessivanova/Fotolia/AP Photo) @jolvanheyste

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The massive Google Earth update is not limited to museums, apparently, nature lovers also have the option to explore the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes earth has to offer by utilizing Google Earth’s “Earth View.”

Furthermore, each digital trip you take with the all new Google Earth will come with knowledge cards that provide users with information about the sight they are beholding. As an added bonus, some locations even offer beautiful 360° videos, allowing the user further appreciation for the landmark on screen.

Google Earth now allows the user to opt for a 3D experience, creating a wonderful Birdseye view of the planet. Users can choose to fly around marvelous sites like the Grand Canyon and use the 3-D button to start their virtual adventure.

The new Google Earth update also introduces an “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature, whereas Google Earth will show the user a random location or landmark on the planet and even give you some neat information about the place.


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“This is the first time we have done this deep integration with the Google Knowledge Graph,” Says Earth engineering manager Sean Askay. “Everything Google knows about the world, you can know about the world.”

During the New York launch of the new Google Earth update, Earth product manager Gopal Shah told AFP that they are venturing into doing a lot of computing in the cloud. “It allows you to have Google Earth right on your phone, so you can literally carry the whole world in your pocket,” says Shah. “The new version of Google Earth is really about education, it’s really about immersing yourself in places you haven’t been before to get a little bit of an exposure.”

The latest Google Earth update also eliminates the installation requirements to enjoy the service. Looking back, Google Earth had to be installed before users could explore the planet, however, the new update introduces browser support. Hence, users with a computer with Google Chrome installed can access Google Earth and all its new features.