UFO News: Unidentified Flying Object Spotted Flying Over Moon, Allegedly Captured By Oman Observatory [Video]

A video, taken by a “Middle Eastern observatory,” according to the YouTube user who posted it, has supposedly captured a UFO flying over the surface of the Moon.

On April 16, YouTube user secureteam10 posted the video below, titled “MYSTERY UFO Caught On Observatory Telescope! 4/16/17.

For those who can’t watch embedded videos, here’s what happens: the blackish object that the red arrow is pointing to in the preview image that you see makes its way across the Moon’s surface, moving up and towards the right, over the course of several seconds. The black object, which appears to be solid at the “head” and then split into two at the “tail,” retains its shape throughout, before moving off-screen and, presumably, on the other side of the Moon (opposite the observer) or into space.

Narrator “Tyler with secureteam” explains that the footage was originally posted by “an Arabic-speaking, Middle-Eastern news outlet.” He then shows a screenshot of the “news outlet’s” web presence.

Does this screenshot capture a UFO?
A screenshot of the "Arabic-speaking, Middle-Eastern news outlet" that originally posted the UFO footage. [Image by Screenshot]

What is noticeable right away is that the site from which the footage appears to have originated is not a “news outlet” at all, but rather an Instagram feed that provides links to other news stories.

Tyler then goes on to say that the original source of the video, according to another space-watcher who alerted him to it, is a “Middle-Eastern observatory” called the “Allo-keen (sp) Astronomical Observatory.”

“As far as I can see, and research, I’m unable to find any other pieces of moon footage that captured anything like this. So this is very unique to this observatory in the Middle East.”

So what is it?

Tyler points out that it’s likely not a meteor, as a meteor striking/orbiting the Moon would be getting more media coverage than what this supposed UFO footage is getting. Similarly, the object appears to have some sort of plume or exhaust trailing behind it. While meteors entering the Earth’s atmosphere do produce plumes of debris, that has to do with the object’s friction against the atmosphere. The Moon has no atmosphere.

This Bright Leonid Fireball Is Shown During The Storm Of 1966 In The Sky Above Wrightwood, Calif. The Leonids Occur Every Year On Or About Nov. 18Th And Stargazers Are Tempted With A Drizzle Of 10 Or 20 Meteors Fizzing Across The Horizon Every Hour. But Every 33 Years A Rare And Dazzling Leonids Storm Can Occur But, Astronomers Believe The 1999 Edition Of The Leonids Probably Won'T Equal 1966, Which Peaked At 144,000 Meteors Per Hour. (Courtesy Of (Photo By Nasa/Getty Images)

A few points, however, possibly debunk this claim of a UFO sighting.

First, the “news outlet” from which the UFO footage in question is first to believed to have appeared is not a news site at all; it’s an Instagram account that links photos, videos, and stories that appear to be culled from various other Arabic-language news sites. A Google search of “Moon over UFO” and “UFO Moon Oman” and similar word combinations all pointed back to English-language articles about Tyler’s YouTube video.

Second, Oman’s Space Agency is strangely silent on the matter of one their observatories having captured a UFO. The agency’s Facebook page (in Arabic) does not appear to mention the supposed UFO footage. Similarly, a Google search for “Oman observatory” produced only one result: an observatory at “Jalal Shams,” which sounds nothing at all like “Allo-keen” or whatever Tyler was saying.

In fact, according to the Express, there’s an almost appallingly simple explanation for the supposed UFO footage: it’s airplane exhaust, from a plane that happened to be flying between the observer and the Moon at the time.

[Featured Image by koya79/Shutterstock]