Sugar Bear’s Wife Slams Mama June, Says He Loves His Daughter Alana

Mama June may have shed most of her body weight, but that doesn’t mean the drama has stopped following her around. Mama June has stated that her ex, Sugar Bear aka Mike Thompson (and the father of her youngest daughter, Alana) is a liar, cheater and is abusive. However, Thompson’s new wife, Jennifer, is none too pleased with the allegations.

Jennifer Lamb, who tied the knot with Mama June’s ex on Mama June: From Not to Hot, has stated that the reunion show where Sugar Bear tore off his shirt and screamed at ex-stepdaughter Pumpkin, 17, is the only time she ever saw him get angry.

Lamb took to Facebook to express her rage over Honey Boo Boo star Mama June.

“I have the best man in the world that loves my kids…and loves his daughter very much also. So go ahead [and] judge but at the end of this day he only has one judge,” she wrote.

Sugar Bear’s new wife also explained that he loves his daughter, Alana, and would never do anything to hurt her or jeopardize their relationship.

“Mike and I went every weekend to Hampton [Georgia] to see Alana…He would get up around 11 am and start calling June to be able to see his daughter, then it would be 4 or 5 pm before she called back to let him see her. And then sometimes we would sit there and never get to see her…I have him calling and texting every other day up until the first of the year, and then he started texting and calling about four times a week,” she told Radar Online.

She claims that Mama June was the one to get in the middle of their relationship and that Sugar Bear called and texted Alana most days of the week, but Mama June wouldn’t allow him to spend time with their daughter.

Mama June, however, claims she has good reason for keeping her kids away from Sugar Bear. She says he left her four daughters emotionally scarred due to his abuse, an allegation which he denied to Radar Online.

Jennifer Lamb and Mama June have a long history of butting heads when it comes to co-parenting Alana. Their tenuous relationship was a featured storyline on Mama June: From Not to Hot. Even though many of the scenes felt forced or staged, it seems that even if that was the case, there is still truth to a good chunk of the tension.

According to the television show, the pair met when Mama June came to escort her daughter, Alana, to try on dresses for her part in the wedding between Jennifer Lamb and Sugar Bear. Supposedly, Jennifer Lamb wasn’t expecting Mama June to show up, and got an eyeful of the newly slim downed reality queen as she donned a wedding dress “just for fun.”

Later on in the show, the pair were at odds over Alana’s diet. Mama June stated that while she was losing weight, she was also trying to set an example for her children, who also have weight issues themselves. Jennifer Lamb, however, was having none of it and allowed Alana to take home as many cupcakes as she wanted from a wedding cake tasting event. When Mama June confronted Lamb on the issue, telling her she didn’t want all of these sweets in the house, Lamb became irate and said that Alana was only 11 and could choose what she wanted to do.

Enraged with Mama June, she disinvited her to the wedding, though she did end up showing up in her “goal dress” to wow Sugar Bear and all of the other guests.

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