Joy Lane’s Facebook Photos: Wrong Joy Lane Mistaken For Steve Stephens’ Ex Gets Death Threats, Muslim Comments

Ever since Steve Stephens first took to Facebook and made Robert Godwin Sr. utter the name Joy Lane before appearing to shoot and kill Godwin in cold blood on a street in Cleveland, as reported by the Inquisitr, there has been a fascination with Joy. However, some people are fascinated with the wrong Lane on Facebook and are sending death threats to Joy because they have mistaken her for Stephens’ ex-girlfriend on Facebook.

Even though Joy wrote on Facebook on April 16, in a NSFW post, that she is not Steve’s ex-girlfriend nor Stephens’ ex-wife and for folks on Facebook to stop asking Joy to call Steve, the death threats and comments have continued. Lane exclusively told the Inquisitr that the police have gotten involved in the midst of Joy receiving death threats.

“Yes! The police are now involved.”

Some of the comments Joy has received include those telling Lane that they will kill her so that Stephens will stop hiding from authorities.

“I’m gonna kill you so he will come out of hiding. “

Lane wrote that some people insist that they know Joy is the real “Joy Lane” and that she needs to call Steve and get back together with him in an effort to stop the man dubbed the Cleveland Facebook killer, who is now the subject of a nationwide manhunt. Joy called “the icing on the cake” the following song that has been created about the whole melee.

Warning: The following video, titled “‘Joy Lane’ Original Song about Steve Stephens Ex Girlfriend,” contains disturbing language.

The real Joy, who is the ex-girlfriend of Steve, can be seen in the following photos and has reportedly removed her online profiles.

Photos of Lane can also be seen on Everipedia.

Some of the comments that Joy is receiving on Facebook can be read below.

As seen in the following screenshot of Joy’s Facebook prior to Lane’s account being removed or hidden, Lane told everyone that she is safe and with the police.

On social media, folks are reminding each other and Joy that it is not her fault that Steve decided to take to the streets with violence after their breakup. Although Stephens blamed his breakup with Joy after several years together as the reason he “snapped,” the Daily Beast reports that Steve’s neighbors recall tales of Stephens torturing animals as a youth.

There are also reports from the Sun that Steve used a snake to try and lure women in as a point of interest in his life, well before Stephens knew Lane.

“Joy Lane A Muslim with a haram comedy routine and foul mouth. You may not be the Joy Lane who caused that guy to go on a killing on spree, but you sure are vulgar for a Muslim. If you’re gonna pose in lingerie showing cleavage, curse like a sailor, and promote a toxic mentality with your comedy routines then I don’t think you should call yourself a Muslim. That type of behavior isn’t a proper representation of a Muslim. Being a Muslim is way of life not a costume.”

“Y’all really need to leave this woman alone, she stated she is not the same Joy Lane and even if she was it’s not her fault just like it’s not Facebook live fault. The blame is entirely on that sadistic man.”

“Is this the Joy Lane that the guy is speaking on?”

“It’s a shame y’all people wont leave anyone alone regardless if she is or isn’t the woman Joy Lane in question about the shooting of Godwin Sr. Y’all are harassing her and all the Joy Lanes on Facebook which is ridiculous. That woman didn’t put a gun in that mans hand and tell him to go kill anyone.”

[Featured Image by Joy Lane/Facebook]