‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Deadend Program’: Real Escape Game Has Players Solving Puzzles As Izuku And Friends

My Hero Academia, an immensely popular Japanese anime, is about to get a live-action puzzle-solving game wherein players have to escape a scenario before All Might, the series' ultimate hero, arrives to save the day. The live game based on Boku no Hero Academia is titled "Heroes Deadend Program," and players play as main characters like Izuku Midoriya.

Right on the heels of My Hero Academia Season 2, a sequel to popular Japanese anime about an unlikely person who aspires to be a superhero despite lacking the most fundamental prerequisite, comes a live-action game show that lets people don superhero costumes and play the role by solving tricky puzzles. The real escape game inspired by the series is coming soon to select venues in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Tickets for the exclusive events are expected to go on sale and anime fans are expected to snap them up quickly.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Deadend Program live action game has players forming groups. According to the creators of the event, players can form groups of up to four people. These small groups are then offered to take the role of ordinary high school students enrolled at U.A. High.

Fans of My Hero Academia anime will surely recognize that the creators are trying to mimic Izuku's condition. The anime's protagonist, Izuku, is a rather unfortunate boy who is born in a time and place where the majority of the population has some superhero quirk. By some quirk of fate, Izuku is born devoid of any superhero ability. He simply can't be considered a admissible candidate for the Superhero Academy known as U. A. High. However, lack of any superhero ability doesn't deter Izuku, and with his sheer determination, and some help from the true superhero, All Might, Izuku manages to enroll himself in the superhero academy.


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Similarly, in the live action escape game, the group of players is considered to be ordinary high school students. However, with a little help from the various divisions at the school, these players can aspire to be something extraordinary. Just like at U. A. High, My Hero Academia: Heroes Deadend Program, has four divisions helping the players. These four divisions are hero, business, and support.

The plot of My Hero Academia: Heroes Deadend Program game has the players participating in a routine training exercise, when the villains attack. The players are expected to survive about 60 minutes. In order to make it through the game and emerge victorious, players will have to solve puzzles and match "Quirks." Solving the challenges will help the players reveal the villains' evil schemes. However, if they fail, All Might will arrive to save the day.

Although the actual game-time is about an hour, the entire My Hero Academia: Heroes Deadend Program experience lasts approximately 120 minutes in total. The entire entertainment and activity package includes an immersive introductory video about the series and the game.

The life action escape game has been scheduled to take place at multiple locations in Japan, reported Crunchyroll. Tickets for these events will go on sale on April 22. While those looking to buy tickets at the venue will have to pay 3800 yen ($35), advanced booking offers a discount of about $5. Fans of My Hero Academia are encouraged to form groups of four and buy group tickets that cost about $118. Information about the performances at Osaka and Nagoya hasn't been released yet.

[Featured Image by Kohei Horikoshi/My Hero Academia/Viz Media]