Florida Gun Collector Shoots Teen In Dispute Over Loud Music

A Florida gun collector remains in jail after being accused of shooting a teenager dead in a dispute over loud music.

45-year-old Michael David Dunn, a Brevard native, is accused of killing 17-year-old Jordan Russell Davis last Friday in Jacksonville after an argument between the pair escalated.

According to local sheriff’s Lt. Rob Schoonover, Dunn was with his girlfriend in Jacksonville for the wedding of Dunn’s son when the couple stopped at Gate Food Post convenience store at 8251 Southside Blvd.

Dunn and his partner parked in the store’s lot, which was also being used by Davis and a number of other teenagers, who were sitting in a sport utility vehicle. When Dunn asked the group to turn down their music, Davis and Dunn exchanged words. As the argument grew, Dunn pulled out a gun and fired eight or nine times. Two of the shots hit Davis, who was sat in the back seat, but nobody else was injured.

Dunn and his girlfriend made off after the incident, but witnesses noted their tag number, according to local deputies. The pair were staying in a Jacksonville hotel when they heard through a news report that someone had died in the shooting. It was then they decided to return home to Brevard.

Speaking in court on Monday, Dunn’s attorney said that her client had acted responsibly and in self-defense, though did not expound on this argument.

Dunn, a gun collector, was arrested Saturday and has been held without bail since on charges of murder and attempted murder.

Jordan Davis was a student at Samuel W. Wolfson High School in Duval County. He is survived by his parents and a brother.