Best Horror Movies On Demand For Free [April 2017]

A nice collection of the best horror movies are available for free during April of 2017. Whether you like cheesy horror movies from the ’80s, or modern films that will put you on the edge of your seat, the horror movies listed below are available via On Demand, and they are all highly-rated. Chances are, if you have either cable or satellite TV, then you have Movieplex or Streampix. Movieplex is a channel that often gets lost in the shuffle because of the heavy-hitting networks (HBO, AMC, Showtime, etc.). Streampix is offered to Comcast/Xfinity customers, and it is included with most subscription packages.

Best Horror Movies On Movieplex

The Funhouse

Four teenagers go to a funhouse, smoke marijuana, hook-up, and get stalked by crazy killers. But they were warned; “God is watching.”

Tobe Hooper’s second feature film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is still considered his best horror flick by most fans. But the famed filmmaker created a plethora of horror movies that fans have also cherished through the years, including Poltergeist, Lifeforce, and Funhouse (among others). Though this may not be as terrifying as Texas Chainsaw, it has plenty of chilling scenes. The movie received high marks from critics, and it’s a fun thrill-ride through a hellish funhouse.


This is the first of two John Carpenter movies playing on Movieplex. This film got mixed to negative reviews from most critics, but it has built a large fan base through the years. Most agree that what made this movie work at all was Carpenter’s direction, despite a weak script. Cinema Crazed expounds on this point and describes why it still remains one of the best horror movies centered on vampires.

“All the while Carpenter does his best with the pretty bad script from Dan Jakoby, who fills the movie with forced cheesy dialogue often spouted by Woods whose one-liners tends to fall flat on their backs, not to mention the plot has almost zero exposition in to the origins of the black cross and its functions. Regardless, Carpenter does create a very entertaining film around the almost hackneyed script and answers fan’s questions about his dabbling in to the vampire genre with pure popcorn fare and does like he does it best, with style. All in all, Carpenter does a good job with this stylish and scary vampire movie, giving us a great leading hero and a great villain.”

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Prince of Darkness

A research team composed of students, scientists, and a priest, study a mysterious liquid that could summon the Devil himself.

Carpenter has a trio of films regarded as the Apocalypse Trilogy—three movies (They Live, In the Mouth of Madness) with bleak endings that are linked through cosmic horror—and this is the second installment of the series. And in tribute to his character in Halloween, Dr. Loomis, Donald Pleasence’s character is named Father Loomis in this horror gem.

Best Horror Movies On Streampix

The Midnight Meat Train

If you like your horror movies as gory as the suspense, then this is the film for you. Many considered this one of the best horror films from 2008 thanks to standout performances from Bradley Cooper, Vinnie Jones, Leslie Bibb, and Brooke Shields.


Audiences and critics alike praised this film starring the late Bill Paxton. Paxton was known for his versatile roles, and in Frailty, he plays one of the most unique characters from his vast library. The film received a score of 73 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and they provide the synopsis for one of the best horror movies of 2002.

“Actor Bill Paxton made his directorial debut with Frailty. The bulk of the story is told through flashbacks, as a mysterious man (Matthew McConaughey) tells a terrible tale to an FBI agent (Powers Boothe) investigating the ‘God’s Hand’ serial killer case. The man grew up in a small town in Texas, where he and his brother lived a bucolic life with their kindhearted widower father (Paxton). One night, the father awakens the two boys, Fenton (Matthew O’Leary) and Adam (Jeremy Sumpter), and tells them he’s had a vision, and God has chosen him and his sons to help Him slay demons who walk the earth in human form.”

“Paxton dramatizes the mayhem while leaving almost all of the gore offscreen, and Brent Hanley’s script leaves the true motives of several characters unclear until the very end.”

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The Blair Witch Project

This film didn’t event the found-footage genre, but it was the first of its kind to reach mainstream success. Both of the sequels in the trilogy failed to impress most audiences and critics, but they raved for the original.


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From The Funhouse to The Blair Witch Project, some of the best horror movies are playing for free via Video On Demand.

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