Move Over April The Giraffe–UK Mom Delivered Twins On Camera

A midwife in the UK delivered twins, with her midwife mother by her side. The birth was filmed for a popular television show that is expected to air later this year.

Sarah Nuttie of Liverpool agreed to record the birth of her twins for the popular show UK show One Born Every Minute. In September, Nuttie delivered twins at Liverpool Women’s Hospital before cameras. The births are set to be telecast before millions of viewers in May this year, UK’s Mirror reports. For Nuttie and her family, initially uncertain about throwing open a very private and intimate aspect of pregnancy and birth to the wide world, the experience proved heartwarming.

Though a c-section is offered right away in cases of most twin pregnancies, Nuttie chose to deliver naturally. With her mother, a midwife for several decades, overseeing the births, she knew she was in safe hands.

“People always assume that a twin birth has to be done by C-section, but, as a midwife, I wanted to show that it can be just as natural as a single birth – women do have a choice,’ she told the Mirror. “When I explained this to Steve, he agreed right away.”

Though intimidating for those around, Nuttie says she felt at ease showing her pregnancy and going through the birth. “The cameramen were both very moved to have been present. One of them, who hadn’t had any babies yet, posed for a picture with the twins and sent it to his wife,”

“The cameramen were both very moved to have been present. One of them, who hadn’t had any babies yet, posed for a picture with the twins and sent it to his wife,” Nuttie reportedly said. “The other had kids, and said the whole experience brought it all back for him.”

While Nuttie delivered twins last September, word of the births garnered attention recently after she spoke about it. This comes at a time when April the Giraffe delivered a calf while being watched live by millions who eagerly awaited the birth for over 60 days, sparking interest in camera births. April and her calf continue to enthrall viewers as they remain glued to the camera feed from the giraffe’s pen. Interest in April and her calf remains high as the Animal Adventure Park in New York where April lives has thrown open a contest to name the calf.

April also inspired a South Carolina woman who was due to give birth, Erin Dietrich, to spoof the giraffe. Her video had gone viral. Dietrich said her obsession with the giraffe during pregnancy motivated her to spoof April wearing a giraffe mask. Dietrich gave birth in March, a whole month before April did, according to BBC. Images of Dietrich and her baby after the birth were also seen by several thousand people.

Having watched other women give birth while at work, Nuttie says she did not find watching the birth of her twins thrilling. The mother-of-three, however, said she looks forward to hearing from others when they see her give birth on the show. While happy, Nuttie and her mother say they know the hard work that needs to be put into raising twins.

On April’s front, the vets at Animal Adventure Park inform the calf is nursing well, though some weight-loss is expected in the first 24 hours. The yet-to-be-named calf, a male, will remain with April for about a year before being moved out. The calf’s naming now has taken center stage, with the park expecting the first list of top 10 names suggested by viewers.

If the interest in April’s pregnancy and birth is any indication, a camera birth can attract a great amount of attention, though a human birth is likely to be less appealing and could also be shocking for many viewers. As for Nuttie, she says she is gearing up for all of it.

“I’m getting ready to get a lot of messages when it’s shown on TV – I was inundated on Facebook when the advert
went out. But I’m so glad we took part – giving birth is such a blur because of the enormous pain, so it’s really special to be able to see it happen again.”

[Featured Image by Jaengpeng/istock]