Sarah Halimi: Parisian Jewish Doctor, 66, Thrown Out Of Window To Her Death

Jewish woman Sarah Halimi thrown out of her Paris window

A few days before Passover, an neighbor allegedly threw Dr. Sarah Halimi, an Orthodox Jewish women, 66, out of her apartment window near the Belleville section of Paris. Dr. Halimi died at the scene.

The assailant also allegedly stabbed and/or beat the woman before shoving her out of the three-story apartment window, according to the Daily Wire.

The French media has apparently downplayed the incident, although it is now gaining some media traction, and authorities are unsure if they will charge the suspect with a hate crime.

“French parliamentarian Meyer Habib has called on state authorities to investigate the crime as an anti-Semitic attack, though,” the Times of Israel reported.

A Jewish community organization known as CRIF claimed that there is no evidence supporting the conclusion that the murder was an anti-Semitic act, however.

The suspect is an African immigrant who allegedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.

Evidently the suspect, age 27, was known to local cops, City Journal suggested.

“Also, according to unconfirmed reports, neighbors had called the police because of the young man’s behavior. Three policemen came but did nothing, deciding that it was up to other authorities, presumably psychiatric, to act. At any rate, the young man was transferred to a psychiatric clinic almost immediately after his arrest. He had a history of delinquency and in all probability had taken drugs.”

Dr. Halimi, who lived in the Paris neighborhood for 30 years, may have been subject to ongoing anti-Semitic harassment by a member of the suspect’s family, Gateway Pundit noted, or the suspect himself.

Subsequent to this crime, members of the Jewish community in the Paris area held a vigil and march outside Dr. Halimi’s apartment, which at one point briefly erupted into taunting and bottle throwing between some Jews and some Muslims, the Jerusalem Post noted.

The mother-of-three was later buried in Jerusalem.

Thousands of French citizens of the Jewish faith have gone to live in Israel in the past several years because of anti-Semitic violence and/or intimidation in Paris and elsewhere in the country.

“Halimi’s family says the incident was a terror attack and blames police for trying to silence the murder for political reasons related to elections in France,” Arutz Sheva reported. If that turns out to be the motivation, presumably officials believe that if the crime received widespread publicity, it would help the electoral chances in the upcoming presidential election of National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who is anything but a favorite of the political establishment in France.

The SultanKnish blog suggests that the victim’s family or forebearers were themselves likely immigrants from Morocco who came to France to escape religious discrimination.

“Halimi is a common last name among North African Jews. It means that their ancestors once lived in Ksar Oulad Abd El Halim in Morocco.”

About 11 years ago, kidnappers tortured and murdered a 23-year-old man with the same last name in Paris in an anti-Semitic-motivated attack.

“He was naked and bleeding from at least four stab wounds to his throat, his hands bound and adhesive tape covering his mouth and eyes. According to the initial autopsy report, burns, apparently from the acid, covered 60 percent of his body,” the New York Times reported in February, 2006.

In February of this year, two Jewish siblings were forced off the road in suburban Paris and attacked with a hacksaw. The suspects were described as allegedly of “north African origin,” CNN reported.

As part of the same plot launched against Charlie Hebdo in January, 2015, a gunman murdered four Parisian Jews at a kosher supermarket.

Watch this space for updates about the investigation into the murder of Dr. Sarah Halimi in Paris.

[Featured Image by Christophe Ena/AP Images]