Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Update Via Custom ROM Brings In Galaxy S8 Plus Features

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What if there’s a way to somehow experience the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus goodies even if you do not own the new phone? Well, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, there’s an Android 7.0 Nougat-based custom ROM update that offers the Galaxy S8 Plus features.

According to Team Android, those who wish to get their hands on the latest Samsung firmware which was introduced on the Galaxy S8 Plus can opt to install the new custom software called S8 Plus ROM on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. However, this update is only suitable for units with model number SM-G935F.

Even though adventurous Android users will be able to experience the S8 Plus features on the S7 Edge by simply installing this unofficial update, it is also very important to take note that the ROM is not the final build yet. As it is a still work-in-progress firmware, the S8 Plus ROM update compatible for the 2016 Samsung flagship phone may still contain bugs and issues.

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Custom Android ROMs made by developers are unofficial firmware updates and if installed wrong could cause permanent damage to a device. Thus, extra precautions are required for those willing to take the risk. There are prerequisites to help ensure a successful installation process and they are explained below.

Check the battery level.

Experts recommend installing the S8 Plus ROM update to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with fully charged battery or with at least 80 percent remaining juice pack. This is to prevent the phone from automatically powering down during the middle of the update process because of a drained battery as this could brick the Android device.

Verify the model number.

As mentioned above, the S8 Plus ROM update is suitable only for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge units that carry the model number SM-G935F. Make sure that you have the correct S7 Edge model to avoid problems along the way. To check your phone’s model, head over to the Settings menu and tap About Device. The screen should then show various technical details about the S7 Edge including its model number.

Install a custom recovery tool.

To successfully flash a custom ROM, one would need a recovery tool such as ClockWorkMod (CWM) or the TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP). These tools are also necessary to make a backup of all the essential files and settings stored on the device. The installation process is likely to eliminate the phone’s entire memory.

PC connection is required.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will have to be connected to the computer first to successfully install the firmware update. And to do so, make sure that the S7 Edge’s USB drivers are installed properly on the PC. Enabling USB Debugging on the phone is also recommended.

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As for the comprehensive installation instructions on how to install the S8 Plus ROM update on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the Team Android’s post linked above offers a step-by-step guide. Visit the page to learn more and to have access to download links, too. S7 Edge users should also know that once the update finishes, Samsung KIES, one of the tools utilized to install official software upgrades, will no longer be able to detect the Galaxy S7 Edge.

When it comes to Galaxy S8 Plus’s features, Samsung put a highlight to its new and very own virtual assistant called Bixby when they officially unveiled the device last month. And those who want to experience it as early as now are in luck as, according to BGR, there’s a way for owners of any Samsung Galaxy device to get Bixby.

Again, users are advised to proceed at their own risk since this the install process is done through an unofficial method courtesy of genius members of the XDA Developers forum. To experience S8’s Bixby, one will need to download an unofficial Galaxy S8’s launcher software app. The report also noted the following.

“In theory, this should work on any Touchwiz device running Android 7.0, but the demos we’ve seen so far have all involved the Galaxy S7.”

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