Khloe Kardashian: Lamar Odom Would Support ‘KUWTK’ Star If She Marries Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian would allegedly have Lamar Odom’s support if she was to tie the knot with Tristan Thompson.

The reality star, who reportedly hasn’t spoken to her ex-husband since May 2016, would be surprised to hear that Lamar is accepting the fact he no longer stands a chance to win Khloe Kardashian back — especially not after all the history the duo share between one another.

In October 2015, Khloe Kardashian put her relationship with James Harden on hold after learning about Lamar’s overdose, which doctors say was so severe, the former athlete was extremely lucky to have recovered from his near-death experience.

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Khloe Kardashian had made herself available to Lamar as much as she could, but she was devastated when friends of the ex-Lakers player had informed her that the father-of-two was allegedly dealing with drugs and alcohol again in the midst of Kardashian’s attempt to have him make a speedy recovery.

Khloe Kardashian was livid, to the point where she decided to cut all ties with the man she once considered the love of her life.

Months later, the TV star would fall in love again — this time with Cleveland Cavaliers NBA player Tristan Thompson. Sources, via TMZ, affirm that the couple’s relationship has been going so well, they have even discussed plans to get married and have children together in the near future.

While Lamar has initially hoped that he could convince Khloe Kardashian to take him back, having successfully completed a one-month rehab treatment program four months ago, Odom has come to the realization that his ex-wife has moved on with her life.

Hollywood Life notes that the shamed basketball star has no chances with Khloe Kardashian anymore. While the reality star wishes the 37-year-old nothing but happiness, there’s no way that she could drop Tristan for someone who has hurt her on so many occasions.

Khloe Kardashian is said to be at her happiest now that she’s with Tristan, and there’s definitely plans for the twosome to get married in the future.

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Sources reveal that Lamar Odom has finally accepted that. He sees Tristan as a good guy that has really treated Khloe Kardashian better than he ever did and knowing that Khloe is happy is all that he cares about.

“Lamar is aware where he stands when it comes to Khloe and he just wants her to be happy.

“Things have reached a point where he knows Khloe Kardashian is not a part of his life. If Tristan is the man for her, he [Lamar] would support it 100 percent if and when they get married.”

In an interview with Us Weekly last month, Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband admits that the way he treated the 32-year-old was unfair and disrespectful. He acknowledges all the mistakes he made throughout the time that they were married and blames nobody but himself for the decisions he chose to make at that particular time.

Telling the news outlet, Odom shares, “After all I put her through, I just want her to be happy. But if she married somebody who treated her like I treated her, I would put my hands on him. I love [Khloe]. Everything we went through that was negative was my fault. She shouldn’t blame herself for any of it.”

While Khloe Kardashian has not publicly addressed how she feels about Lamar, insiders close to the family say that she has moved on with her life and wants Odom to do the same. She wishes him nothing but the best, but it’s unlikely that she would even consider the idea of sharing a friendship with him at this given point.

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