Ryan Edwards Engaged: How Did ‘Teen Mom OG’ Maci Bookout Find Out About The News?

Ryan Edwards is engaged to girlfriend Mackenzie Standifer and in a new interview, his ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout, spoke out about her relationship with the woman in his life.

Following the first half of Teen Mom OG Season 6, which aired at the end of last year, Bookout and Standifer were said to be on good terms and judging by the reality star’s latest comments about her relationship with Ryan Edwards’ soon-to-be-wife, they’ve only grown closer since filming.

During an interview on Friday, Bookout confirmed that her relationship with Standifer is far different than her past relationships with Edwards’ former girlfriends.

“I think it’s much healthier than [Ryan Edwards’] relationships in the past,” Bookout explained to OK! Magazine on April 14. “She’s very mature and she’s taken some of the pressure off of the two of us.”

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As Bookout explained, she and Ryan Edwards have often struggled with their co-parenting relationship, but now that Standifer is in the picture, she’s been helpful with bridging the gap between them.

“[Mackenzie Standifer] has a child so she understands that when I may say something… [Ryan Edwards] may take it one way and she can kind of explain, ‘No, this is what she’s talking about,'” Bookout said. “Then, if [Ryan Edwards] ever wants to ask me something or tell me something than she is able to be like, ‘This is how you should go about it.'”

“She’s kind of doing what we were both trying to do the whole time but were incapable of doing,” Bookout added.

The Teen Mom OG star went on to reveal that Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer genuinely care about each other and when it comes to their future, they seem to have the same goals in mind.

Bookout continued on, revealing that while she once communicated with Ryan Edwards, she now talks mainly to Standifer. In fact, after Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer became engaged months ago, it was Standifer who called her to break the news.

“Actually, Mackenzie called and she said, ‘Guess what?'” Bookout recalled of their phone conversation regarding Ryan Edwards’ proposal.

“That’s freakin’ awesome,” Bookout responded.

One day after Standifer confirmed her engagement to Bookout, she and Ryan Edwards shared the news with his and Bookout’s son, eight-year-old Bentley.

“[Bentley] loves Mackenzie and we are all glad that [Ryan Edwards] found somebody and is genuinely happy,” Bookout added.

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As fans may recall from the first half of Teen Mom OG Season 6, Ryan Edwards’ fiancee was the one who caught the bouquet during Bookout’s wedding ceremony in October of last year. As seen in the photo above, Standifer grabbed the flower arrangement as several other women, including Ryan Edwards’ mom, Jenn Edwards, looked on. Then, just months later, Ryan Edwards proposed.

While Bookout said that she is not sure whether or not she will be in attendance when Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer get married, she did point out that she was willing to help Standifer plan a killer bachelorette party if need be. That said, it seems fairly reasonable to think that Edwards would invite Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, to his wedding because Bookout and McKinney invited him and Standifer.

As for an on-screen wedding, it’s hard to say whether or not Ryan Edwards would consider getting married on Teen Mom OG.

To see more of Ryan Edwards, Mackenzie Standifer and Maci Bookout, tune into the upcoming second half of the sixth season of Teen Mom OG, which premieres on MTV on Monday, April 17 at 9 p.m.

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