Kylie Jenner Proves Life Is Good Since Her Split From Tyga, As She Jets Off To Coachella

Kylie Jenner doesn’t seem to be missing her ex-boyfriend as she continues to share photos and videos documenting her glamorous daily life. In fact, one would never assume she was going through a breakup based on her social media posts over the past several weeks.

Kylie is currently enjoying the start of the Coachella weekend without Tyga, as she displays neon-colored hair. The 19-year-old was spotted attending a Pretty Little Thing X Paper Magazine party with her friends on Friday sporting her new hair and a tiny gold dress.

Just before sharing her new look, Kylie posted a photo while sitting on a private jet as she assumably flew to Coachella. The Daily Mail reported on Jenner’s weekend getaway sans Tyga, as the site stated the ex-couple are enjoying Coachella separately this year.

“She’s recently split from rapper Tyga after nearly two years together. And newly single Kylie Jenner was off to Coachella – and without her on-off flame.”

Daily Mail reports Kylie is once again staying at a rented home in the Southern California town as she prepares to relax during the weekend festival. Obviously, that means the youngest Kardashian-Jenner also brought along eye-catching outfits as she already proved on Friday.

“The reality star, 19, took to Instagram on Friday to share a snap of herself kicking off Coachella weekend at her desert digs by rocking a bright yellow wig and gold mini dress.”

While Kylie made her way to Coachella with friends, her ex was also on his way to the music celebration, according to the article.

“Meanwhile, Tyga had has arrived into the Coachella Valley without his ex.”

Similar to Kylie, the 27-year-old rapper took to social media to share photos from his temporary stay at Coachella.

“The rapper took to Instagram to share various videos of himself on location of his lavish desert locale as he listened to some music.”

Tyga geo-tagged Coachella Valley in the Instagram post, proving he his indeed in the same vicinity as his ex-girlfriend. However, Kylie doesn’t seem to mind as she continues to flaunt her glamorous lifestyle, while Tyga continues to deal with legal troubles.

While Jenner was out celebrating with friends on Wednesday, Tyga was being detained by police after leaving a nightclub in Los Angeles. Hollywood Life reported that he called Kylie to come get him after he passed a sobriety test and was released, but she ignored his texts and calls.

Despite being on a break, it seems Tyga expected his ex to come to his rescue, according to the site’s source.

“Tyga’s mad, hella mad at the fact Kylie didn’t respond to his text or phone calls when he was getting jammed up the police. His boys had to come get him and he feels majorly salty that Kylie wasn’t the one who was there to come get him.”

While Tyga was simply cited for having paper plates on his new Mercedes, Jenner was aware of the legal issues and decided to distance herself, as Hollywood Life states.

“We kind of understand why the reality star would avoid dealing with his situation, as Ky’s got a clean image and picking up her ex at the cop shop doesn’t exactly mesh with her brand.”

Kylie was busy enjoying her own night out when Tyga was placed in handcuffs, and she didn’t stop her activities to run to his aid. Hollywood Life stated that Jenner was in no way affected by news of hearing her ex was taken to the police station, as she was only concerned with maintaining her image.

“When she found out the whole story, she didn’t worry about it too much because it wasn’t something that was super serious and it didn’t affect her in any way. She was more focused on how it would affect her than anything else.”

Jenner has not only been busy showcasing her glamorous life on social media since her and Tyga’s split, but has also been busy with her cosmetics line. The teen mogul has launched new lip kit shades, blushes, and highlighters recently as she works to build her brand.

It seems life will be just fine for Kylie without the constant drama that seems to surround Tyga.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]