Laura Ingraham Leaves Radio, For Now

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham is leaving Talk Radio Network due to an expired contract, she says, and her next move has not yet been disclosed.

Laura Ingraham’s nine-year tenure with Talk Radio Network has been largely successful — the right-wing radio host had an estimated 5.75 million listeners a week and is the most listened-to female on radio right now.

Ingraham is reportedly in talks about her radio future, but the host won’t say with whom or where she may collaborate as her Talk Radio Network tenure comes to an end.

Politico posted a note from Laura to fans, in which she explains her decision to allow the contract with Talk Radio Network to expire, and she begins:

“After more than 9 years with the distributor Talk Radio Network, I decided it was time to move on. After much thought and reflection, I have decided to pursue my first loves–modern dance and the xylophone. In the highly unlikely event that these efforts do not prove fruitful, I intend to return to radio.”

Ingraham continues, discussing her direction as a radio talk host and next steps:

“Seriously–to the more than 300 stations that carry the Laura Ingraham Show and to all my loyal listeners, I feel the time is right to expand and retool my radio program and to explore other syndication options, which I am now actively pursuing.”

Laura Ingraham leaves talk radio

She concludes, promising to keep in touch with fans during her looming “brief hiatus,” saying:

“During this brief hiatus, my team and I will continue to deliver thought-provoking and entertaining analysis via my website and twitter @IngrahamAngle. And of course, I’ll be doing my regular appearances on Fox News. I anticipate making an announcement concerning the show in the near future. Stay tuned!”

Are you a regular listener of Laura Ingraham’s show? Do you think the host has bigger and better things in store after her contract with Talk Radio News expires?