Huma Abedin Demands $2M For A Tell-All Memoir About Husband’s Sexting And Clinton Campaign

Huma Abedin, the wife of sexting scandal svengali Anthony Weiner and former aide to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is shopping a tell-all to the top New York literary agents, and it sounds like she is willing to tell all — if the price is right. And tell-all means finally filling in the blanks about all of Abedin’s thoughts on Anthony Weiner’s misdeeds with other women and the behind-the-scenes details of the Clinton presidential campaign that crashed and burned.

It’s possible that Huma Abedin has personal reasons for staying with her philandering husband, Anthony Weiner, and that a tell-all style memoir would fill in many of the blanks, but for now, many people still believe that Huma has a codependent relationship with Anthony Weiner and perhaps also with Hillary Clinton, says the Inquisitr. Recently, word surfaced that Huma Abedin was back with her husband and that perhaps they had never split and just said they did for the “optics.” At this time, Anthony Weiner remains unemployed, and it is unclear whether Huma Abedin could remain in the employ of the Clinton Foundation after she writes a tell-all.

Page Six said sources have verified that Huma Abedin is shopping a memoir that will spill the dirt on her sexting scandal husband, but she is looking for that magic number, which is said to be $2 million. It is unclear what sort of advance Abedin is seeking, if the book is fully written, or if there is just an outline.


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Hillary Clinton has allegedly given her blessing to the project, and Abedin’s people claim that the book “is envisioned as a reflection on how her personal and professional lives collided during the campaign.”

And what Huma Abedin has to say might be worth the $2 million, as Abedin rarely gives interviews. Presidential historian Julian Zelizer says that Abedin’s zipped lips during the scandals might be paying off.

“She’s more interesting than her husband. We know who he is. She’s the ongoing mystery. But she’ll have to put herself out there. That’s what the publisher will be looking for.”

Many people thought that Huma Abedin was so sought after because she was going to take all of Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton’s dirty little secrets to the grave, but if she is going to get the big bucks for a tell-all, she is going to need to spill and tell-all. Every little bit, says Salon. Esther Newberg, a literary agent at ICM, says that what people want to know is what Anthony Weiner said each time he got caught, and what Huma Abedin thought and said in response.

“This will be an interesting sale to see who wants to know what [Weiner] said to her each time he was caught. If she reveals a lot, it turns your stomach. If she doesn’t, she puts the publisher in a bad place.”

Something else sources need to know is whether Anthony Weiner and Abedin actually split, or if they simply lived separately because of pressure from those supporting the Clinton campaign. After Clinton’s own stand-by-your-man behavior was criticized, many Clinton supporters weren’t ready for round two of Huma staying with a man who exposed himself to a 15-year-old girl and sexted on Skype while his toddler slept in the bed.

Do you think that someone will offer Huma Abedin the $2 million she is seeking? Would you want to read Huma Abedin’s tell-all that dishes on Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton?

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