WWE News: Roman Reigns Has Separated Shoulder After Braun Strowman Attack, Roman Stole His Name?

There are more than a few people who believe that the fight between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman — ambulance and all — was kayfabe, or, part of the storyline. However, according to the latest WWE news, the injury that Reigns sustained as a result of the match was very, very real, and it could mean that he’s not going to be wrestling in Payback. This, of course, begs the question; should Braun Strowman be fired after this incident? Some fans are calling for him to be fired, while others want Roman Reigns (?) to be fired, and have even started a petition to make it happen.

According to The Sun‘s latest WWE news report, Roman Reigns officially suffered a separated shoulder thanks to the Braun Strowman attack. In addition, he suffered extensive internal injuries and cracked ribs.

The incident happened when Reigns was being interviewed by journalist Michael Cole, which prompted Braun to attack the former Shield member. While Reigns was strapped to a stretcher, Braun threw him off a loading dock.

Then, Strowman turned over the ambulance that Reigns was finally put in while he was strapped to the stretcher. Savage!

Part of the reason why fans are calling for Roman Reigns to get fired as a result of this incident, according to the latest WWE news report from Sports Illustrated, is because fans aren’t connecting with the character.

It’s true that Reigns has an organic following. It’s also true that a lot of the drama in the WWE, especially the so-called fan hate towards the character is kayfabe.

However, it’s also true that Reigns is criminally underused by the company.

“Reigns is 6-foot-4, over 300 pounds, and constantly written into storylines where he is superhuman in his ability to withstand punishment. He’s far more Superman than Daniel Bryan, and the natural response is, of course, to reject the non-believable storylines. If Reigns had built off last week’s cockiness, his character would have been trending in a much more realistic direction. Instead, he’ll be back on Raw next week, somehow recovered from the fractured ribs he suffered on Monday, to avenge his beating from Strowman.”

And here’s the most interesting bit of WWE news. Roman Reigns really wasn’t supposed to be “Roman Reigns” at the beginning of his career. In fact, he admits that he stole his name from another wrestler.

Comic Book revealed the exclusive interview with Reigns, who said that even though he always liked the name “Roman,” he didn’t know he would take the last name of “Reigns” until he took it from another wrestler.

“There’s actually another guy in FCW by the name of Calvin Raines. He spelled it like ‘rain’, like a ‘raindrop’. And they, I believe, released him and sorry, brother. He’s a good man, a real nice brother. Sorry. Roman Raines sounded good to me, so they were like, ‘alright, give me four or five different names’ and they were like, ‘okay, we’ll go with like.'”

Reigns went on to say that Corey Graves was the one who suggested that Roman change the spelling of his last name from “rains” to “reigns.” He also said that it was a “perfect heel name,” which suggests that he might want to turn heel soon.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE news? Do you think that Roman Reigns will turn heel? Do you think his injuries are all kayfabe?

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