Caitlyn Jenner Opens Up About The Kardashian Clan

Caitlyn Jenner shocked the world when she transitioned from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner after years of struggle. However, things have been rocky between her and the rest of Kardashian clan since she made the transition. She has since revealed that she often feels estranged from her family.

Those who watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians or Being Caitlyn may recall Caitlyn discussing feeling ousted from the family and being treated differently since the transition.

While her younger daughters Kylie and Kendall have seemingly made an effort to visit her in her new home, she still feels like it isn’t enough.

She opened up about her struggles on a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“I just really feel like over the last year and a half we certainly have grown apart. Day after day after month after month, nobody calls, nobody checks in. Just, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ I haven’t gotten that phone call from anybody. You can’t help but sit there and think, ‘OK, is it because I transitioned? They don’t like me anymore?’ I want to know what I did wrong, what I didn’t do wrong, what I did right, and move forward,” she said.

Her relationship has been most estranged from her step-daughter Khloe Kardashian, whom she helped raise since she was a little girl. Since the death of Khloe’s father and the remarriage of Kris Jenner to Bruce Jenner, he has acted as a surrogate father to Khloe. However, she feels that she hasn’t had a lot of time to mourn the “death” of Bruce, whom she loved dearly, and move on to accept that he no longer exists in the way that she once remembered him.

Caitlyn Jenner also accepts that some of this stress on Khloe’s side may be coming from her recent divorce from Lamar Odom. However, Khloe has moved on and is dating again, so it is unclear why this tension has lasted so long between the two.

On a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe and Caitlyn Jenner sat down to try and work out their issues and repair their once close relationship. However, it is unclear if they were able to move forward from the difficult place they were in.

Khloe weighed in on her feelings about Caitlyn Jenner’s transition.

“I don’t necessarily want to say you did anything wrong because I don’t know, just because you didn’t do something the way maybe I would have preferred that makes it wrong. This family we deal with things very quickly.We don’t have time to really process a lot of things because we’re always on to the next and for me at the time I just wasn’t at a place in my life where I really could invest in new relationships or even something that’s this heavy,” Khloe told Caitlyn Jenner.

Khloe admits one of the biggest issues she has with Caitlyn Jenner’s transition is that Bruce Jenner was her father for 24 years. She felt that Caitlyn transitioned without much warning or time to tell her family, which left Khloe feeling like her surrogate father had, in effect, died.

It is difficult to say if Khloe knew about Caitlyn Jenner’s feelings before she decided to make the transition. Reports say Caitlyn had experimented with hormones for a long while before making the final leap and that she had wanted to live her life as a woman since the 1970s.

It was only recently that she felt comfortable enough to actually live full time in the body she felt she was born to live in since her birth.

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