WWE News: Angered By The Continuous Roman Reigns Push, Fans Have Now Created ‘Fire Roman Reigns’ Petition

WWE news over the past few days has been completely unusual, with petitions being created by fans urging WWE to take action against some superstars. Now, fans have created a petition asking WWE to fire Roman Reigns. The entire chain of events was started when Braun Strowman attacked Reigns backstage on Monday Night Raw. He brutally assaulted Reigns, resulting in him being taken away on a stretcher.

Still not satisfied with the beatdown, Braun pushed Reigns’ gurney off a platform. Finally, when Reigns was being loaded into an ambulance, the Monster Among Men decided to flip the ambulance. Several WWE fans thought the assault went too far and that Strowman had crossed the line. It was evident that the attack would leave the Big Dog out of action for a few weeks.

Braun Strowman's beatdown of Roman Reigns
[Image by WWE]

WWE news reports later confirmed that Roman Reigns had sustained internal injuries and would be out of action for a considerable time, as reported by Wrestlezone. This resulted in a few Roman Reigns’ fans demanding action against Braun Strowman. An avid Roman Reigns’ fan, Jennifer Kuchler, decided to take the matter into her own hands and created a Change.org petition asking WWE to fire Braun Strowman for his actions.

WWE had planned the entire beatdown as a part of the feud, and it was done to help Roman return as a hero. Some eagle-eyed fans even spotted that there was a mannequin on the stretcher and a shadow was seen escaping the ambulance before Strowman flipped it. The petition was soon taken down after representatives of WWE contacted Kuchler. However, that petition resulted in a series of other petitions.

Now, a fan has created a “Fire Roman Reigns,” petition asking WWE to take the required action, as reported by Ringside News. The change.org petition had already received 4,438 signatures at the time of writing this article. The petition is gaining steady support since it was created. It seems to have been created by an anti-Roman Reigns WWE fan.

The “Fire Roman Reigns” petition states that fans around the world booed Reigns and it is difficult to understand why WWE was so eager to push him as the next superstar.

It further read, “Roman Reigns is a lame a** wanna-be wrestler, I do not get it why WWE keep taunting us fans with ‘Make Roman Look Strong’ thing.”

Neither WWE nor Roman Reigns have reacted to the petition unlike in the case of Braun Strowman, where he strongly reacted to the petition. He mocked the fans stating that #YourTearsHydrateMe. Even if the “Fire Roman Reigns” petition was to reach the targeted number of signatures, and even if it reaches a million signatures, it was unlikely that WWE would fire Reigns.

WWE fans have booed Reigns

Roman Reigns is the top merchandise seller, and WWE is planning to make him the poster child to further increase the sales. WWE is aware of a certain section of fans who dislike Reigns, but it maintains that there are enough casual fans who love watching him. WWE will clearly move ahead with their plans for Reigns’ big push. It is speculated that he will face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 for the WWE Championship.

Meanwhile, a petition was also created asking WWE to give Braun Strowman a raise for the fantastic segment. The company wants to bring Reigns back as a hero and wants fans to think of him as an amazing babyface. However, fans do not buy into the premise, and it was evident from the cheering by the live crowd during the attack and the praise Braun has received online. This petition seems to be the counter to petition asking WWE to fire Braun Strowman.

It remains to be seen how many more petitions are created as a result of one segment and whether this becomes a trend in the near future. For now, here is the link to the latest “Fire Roman Reigns” petition.

[Featured Image by WWE]