George Clooney Offers Compensation To Neighbors Over Renos, Amal Wants Space From Actor?

George and Amal Clooney are busily preparing to welcome their twins in upcoming months and the phase in their lives has been complemented by trips to baby stores and renovations of certain properties that the couple own in various corners of the world.

It had been reported that the star couple underwent a $1 million renovation to create that perfect nursery at their London estate, and new reports have surfaced indicating that Amal and George have made a few changes to their Berkshires property. Additionally, as Eye Witness notes, Clooney compensated his neighbors following the renovations as a means to apologize for any disturbance the renos may have caused.

The publication shares details about the claim involving Clooney and his neighbors.

“The 55-year-old actor and his wife Amal bought the impressive property in Sonning in 2014 for a whopping £7.5 million, and after submitting planning permission for a renovation project worth £12.5 million, the Hollywood hunk reportedly offered his neighbours a deal to apologise for the disturbance.”

The deal reportedly was struck with Clooney’s John and Clare Grove, and it amounted to £45,000, which involved a holiday in Corfu and accommodation at a luxury hotel to allow them a gorgeous place to stay away from the disturbance caused by the construction.

Additionally, the compensation package included a stay at a cottage that cost £780,000 as well as a sum of money amounting to £30,000. Clooney reportedly also paid any rent and bills of the neighbors while the construction was underway. How considerate of the Hollywood heartthrob.

The publication relays words of a source who revealed these mentioned details regarding Clooney’s generosity.

“It is a known fact in the village that the Clooneys’ closest neighbours were very stressed by the building work. At the height of the work, there were up to three large building lorries in the small road leading to the Clooneys’ house every day. But the Clooneys have given a lot back to the community since they moved in. They have been incredibly generous in compensating the Groves for the hassle of the building work.”

Renovations were done on the underground irrigation system and also included pool installation and the creation of tennis courts and a cinema.

Although Amal and George appear to be just as smitten as they were on the day they married, renovating their properties and happily preparing to welcome their two little additions to their family, all is not perfect between the couple. It’s been reported that George has been asked to sleep in a separate room from the barrister. However, this has nothing to do with marriage troubles and entirely to do with George’s reportedly terrible snoring that is causing Amal to lose out on precious sleep ahead of giving birth. It’s completely understandable that the beauty wants to get as much shut-eye as possible before the little ones arrive seeing as she will without a doubt be thrown in to night after night of sleeplessness.

Yahoo reports words of a source who insists that Amal and George have agreed upon taking time apart in the evening to catch up on sleep, and that it was Amal who first suggested the idea to sleep separately. “She booted him out and he didn’t complain, neither of them have been getting any sleep,” the insider states.

The two reportedly reunite in the morning for snuggles and are said to be excited about having twins in the very near future. It’s clear that both Amal and George have had extremely busy schedules and this will likely be a huge switch for the pair, seeing as Amal usually is in various courtrooms around the world representing some very high-profile clients, in addition to finding herself in some dangerous locales. Clooney is likely happy that Amal will be kept away from such locales now that they are welcoming their first children. George was open about how worried Amal’s work often makes him.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]