‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Fights Sonny Over Jax Revenge Plans

General Hospital spoilers from the new soap mags out this week say Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) is stuck trying to broker peace between his parents, who will soon go to war with each other. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) goes after Jax (Ingo Rademacher), and Mikey is stuck in the middle. What comes next is Corinthos World War, according to General Hospital spoilers. Read on to see what happens and how Michael tries to stop it before the family is blown apart for good.

Sonny Outraged, Promises Vengeance

Sonny slung all the insults he could on this week’s General Hospital episodes, calling Jax a side piece and various other insults. Jax didn’t care because he was fresh out of the sack with Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) in what was obviously an enjoyable CarJax sexcapade. Sonny’s insults rolled off Jax, but the Aussie didn’t like what the mobster was saying about Carly — neither did Carly.

After Carly had slapped Sonny for calling her a whore, her soon-to-be-ex vowed they were done forever. Long-time General Hospital fans know that won’t stick for long, but for now, Sonny is fuming and stormed out in a fit of rage. Carly cried in Jax’s arms, but Sonny has no one to comfort him. Sonny was thrilled Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) told the truth, but he was then furious at Carly’s betrayal. Michael is stunned as well.


Sonny’s Five Stages Of Grief

General Hospital spoilers predict Sonny will begin the five stages of grief but won’t make it past number two. Sonny will wallow in stage one – denial – when next viewers see him on Friday’s General Hospital. Sonny doesn’t want to believe what he saw with his own eyes, but Carly moved on to her other ex. Don’t expect denial to last too long before Sonny launches into stage two – anger – and stays there.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 17 promise Sonny is boiling over with fury and won’t contain it. Sonny’s last confrontation focused on Carly even though Jax tried to intervene on her behalf. It turns out Carly was able to handle Sonny herself. Sonny wants to vent his rage on Jax and goes to confront Carly’s Aussie ex. Jax feels bad about Nelle, but not about sleeping with Carly. Michael is torn.

Jax Defiant, Sonny Loses Control

Jax told Carly on this week’s General Hospital episodes that he felt guilty about Nelle scheming against her and Sonny, but Carly dismissed his concerns. Carly was angry Sonny slept with Nelle but angrier about the lies. As Carly told Sonny, his being drugged by Nelle didn’t erase any of his lies. She then rattled off a list of his many, many lies over the past year, including taking out a hit on Julian Jerome (William deVry).

When Sonny comes at Jax, General Hospital spoilers say Jax is defiant. He might offer a tepid apology for his role in bringing Nelle to town, but nothing Jax says makes Sonny feel better. Sonny wants Jax gone, but he has no plans to go anywhere. Jax isn’t scared of Sonny. Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) is thrilled with her parents reuniting, and Michael empathizes with her joy even if it means his parents are split.


Jason Helps Sonny’s Revenge Scheme

Sonny decides he will make Jax pay for the Nelle thing and for shagging Carly, so he comes up with a revenge plan, according to recent General Hospital spoilers. Sonny drags Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) into his reindeer games by asking Jason to get him some information. Sonny will fill Jason in on the truth about Jax buying the black-market kidney and how Nelle is all his fault. Sonny tries to drag Michael into it, too.

General Hospital spoilers predict Jason feels bad for Sonny and doesn’t want Jax to break up CarSon, so he agrees to dig up some dirt Sonny needs. Sonny uses this information as part of his revenge plan. Sonny launches his revenge plan against Jax, and when Carly finds out Jason helped him out, she’s angry at her BFF for taking Sonny’s side. On Friday, April 21, Carly lets Jason know he betrayed her.

Michael In The Middle

General Hospital spoilers promise Michael is where he usually is – stuck in the middle of Corinthos family drama and trying to smooth things out. Michael forgave Sonny for shooting AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan) and now has to watch Sonny incapable of forgiving Jax and Carly for something much less traumatic. Plus, Michael doesn’t want Sonny to hurt Jax because that hurts Carly and Josslyn, whom Michael loves.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps state Michael warns Jax that Sonny is gunning for him. Sonny will feel betrayed when he learns Michael shielded Jax with this information, but Mikey is trying to save Sonny from the worst part of himself. If Sonny is planning something vile against Jax, it could wind up punishing Sonny instead. Michael wants the feud to stop, but Sonny is out of control.

Will Sonny destroy himself trying to wreck Jax? This plot will take us into May sweeps. Ingo Rademacher is gone from GH already, so perhaps Sonny’s plan works out since Jax is out of Port Charles in just a few weeks, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.


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