WWE News: ‘Fire Braun Strowman’ Petition Nears 2,500 Signatures, But Do Fans Really Believe In It?

One of the more unusual bits of WWE news over the past few days was the “fire Braun Strowman” petition on Change.org. This petition was started on Tuesday by a woman who felt that the “Monster Among Men” had gone too far when he launched a brutal backstage attack on Roman Reigns, flipping an ambulance with Reigns inside to cap it all off. So far, it’s gotten more than 2,200 signatures since its launch two days ago, but a closer look at the petition suggests that many “supporters” aren’t exactly taking it too seriously.

On Tuesday, Norfolk, Virginia, woman Jennifer Kuchler took to Change.org to express her disgust with a segment from this week’s Monday Night RAW, where Braun Strowman had “crossed the line” by attacking Roman Reigns in such a brutal fashion that he had to be taken to the hospital. She added that she wants WWE to fire Braun Strowman, with the petition going straight to WWE headquarters once it reaches the required number of signatures.

So far, there have been 2,276 signatures on the Change.org page, but well before that, Kuchler had confirmed that she had talked to “someone that works for the WWE” and would have to take the petition down. But what stands out as interesting is how many of the people who signed the petition don’t really want WWE to fire Braun Strowman. Instead, they seem to have done so to tell the petition starter that wrestling is a predetermined “work” where the performers aren’t supposed to deliberately injure each other.

A Virginia woman named Jennifer Kuchler wasn't happy with how WWE had Braun Strowman brutally attack Roman Reigns backstage. [Image by WWE]

“I wish he would flip the ambulance ONTOP [sic] of Roman instead of just with him in it.”

“Wrestling isn’t real you nonce.”

“It was a work! Fake! Kayfabe!!! Are you 12 or half a retard?!? Do you still believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa too?!?!?”

The above comments come from fans who obviously saw the fire Braun Strowman petition as a case of an overzealous Roman Reigns fan taking her fandom a bit too far. They also happen to be the most-liked comments on the petition, with 150, 71, and 66 likes as of this writing. Others have also taken the sarcastic route, ostensibly supporting Jennifer Kuchler’s petition but appearing to do so in a tongue-in-cheek manner, such as the comment below from a WWE fan named George Hobbs:

“I stand united with Jennifer and the rest of the WWE universe… What a travesty!! Roman was destined for greatness, and the Braun almost killed him. I haven’t stopped crying since Monday night. My sweet, sweet Roman. The man with three H’s (Triple H) has shoved you down our throats for the last two years, but we never wanted this! Why, oh why!!! I am hoping Braun has been arrested and taken in for assault and battery at the least! Doing [sic] the Clown proved wrestling was real. Kane is a real domain [sic], and 195 (-pound) Daniel Bryan could easily beat Triple H and Big Show…. lol, this was fun.”

As for whether Braun Strowman was able to flip that ambulance over and seriously injure Roman Reigns, fans of the “Big Dog” need not worry, as it all appears to be a case of WWE getting creative and trying to make the pre-recorded beatdown look as realistic as possible. According to Heavy, the ambulance may have been connected to hydraulics that were hidden on its left side, thus making it appear as if it was Strowman, and not the hydraulics, causing it to tip over.

The publication also pointed out that there was a shadow on the bottom left of the screen as Braun prepared to flip the ambulance over – this shadow may have been Roman Reigns making his exit from the vehicle. And there were some other continuity errors in the segment, such as Strowman leaving the ambulance doors open, only for them to be closed when he flipped the vehicle over. Still, Heavy concluded that it was “skillful, disguised editing” that allowed WWE to make it look like the 385-pound Strowman was able to flip over a vehicle weighing at least 10,000 pounds.

With the Braun Strowman petition looking like it’s losing steam, it’s safe to say that he won’t be fired from WWE. And even with the Roman Reigns beatdown segment having some subtle clues that give it away as a “work,” many feel that it’s one of the best WWE has aired in recent years.

[Featured Image by WWE]