YouTube Giraffe Cam: Animal Adventure Park’s April The Giraffe, ‘Significant Bulging Of Belly’ And Distracted

For the past two months, more than 500,000 people around the world have been waiting for April the giraffe to go into active labor. We have watched the YouTube giraffe cam as she has grown significantly in size. We hold our breath every time April raises her tail, and each day we have hoped that today just might be the day that she goes into labor. Some have spent several hours of every day watching the YouTube giraffe cam, and others have simply kept an ear out while reading the occasional article or update.

Fans of April the giraffe have asked the Animal Adventure Park, where April lives, to text them when active labor begins. The zoo complied by developing a text alert subscription, which many fans of April the giraffe have paid for. Members who have subscribed to the text alert system wait by their phones, hoping to get that one very important text. April the giraffe, completely unaware of the internet sensation that she has become, continues to go about her daily business. She eats and meanders around her stall, also patiently waiting for nature to take its course.

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The Animal Adventure Park posted an update to their Facebook page this morning that, once again, has fans of April the giraffe logging into the live YouTube giraffe cam, looking for changes in April’s behavior. You can watch April the giraffe live on the YouTube giraffe cam below.

April spent some time wandering out in the giraffe yard yesterday afternoon, and as witnessed by viewers on the YouTube giraffe cam, she had a healthy appetite. According to staff members at the Animal Adventure Park, April the giraffe’s behavior has changed significantly overnight.

“She is ‘out of it’ were keepers comments this morning; noting distracted behavior versus her normal inquisitive, treat begging, self. Significant bulging of the belly also noted. Backend slightly damp but nothing to get excited about yet. We are still observing light discharge on a daily basis.”

An update posted to the Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page earlier this week stated that all of April the giraffe’s physical symptoms point toward the imminent arrival of a calf. We are now waiting for April’s behavior to change to indicate that active labor has begun.

“Early morning observations indicate no significant changes in physical appearance. As stated in posts prior – we do not expect any further physical change. We are waiting for increased pacing to indicate an active labor situation has begun, in addition to pushing/contractions. So, be watchful of behavioral changes!”

In addition to April’s physical appearance, such as the production of milk, the size and shape of her stomach, and the swelling of her hind end, the most obvious signal of the arrival of April’s calf is her water breaking. Unfortunately, since her water may not break with a large swoosh, but instead a mere trickle, those watching the YouTube giraffe cam may not even notice.

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The Animal Adventure Park has stated that the behavioral signs of active labor may also be difficult to see on the YouTube giraffe cam. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, due to the threat predators pose to a newborn calf, April the giraffe will hide her labor exceedingly well. Once April’s water breaks, she will pace back and forth in her stall. Increased pacing will be the most visible sign that active labor has begun.

This is April the giraffe’s fourth calf. The Animal Adventure Park has spoken at length with the previous zoos that April has lived at. It has been said that April claves very quickly. The Animal Adventure Park staff members believe that once active labor begins and the calf’s front hooves appear, there will be a calf on the ground in less than an hour.

If you happen to miss the birth of April’s calf, the YouTube giraffe cam saves four hours of back footage. After the calf is born, the Animal Adventure Park will continue to live stream April’s stall on the Youtube giraffe cam. Viewers everywhere will be able to witness the miracle of birth and five days of bonding between April the giraffe and her calf.

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