Animal Adventure Park Live Cam Updates: April The Giraffe Feeling ‘Out Of It’ — Going Into Labor?

April the Giraffe’s followers continue to tune into Animal Adventure Park’s live cam on YouTube as they await the pregnant giraffe’s delivery, which should occur any time now. The birth of April’s calf has long been overdue, and the park’s keepers are keeping a close eye for any changes that might occur day in and day out.

For more than two weeks since Animal Adventure Park’s Giraffe Cam went live, the park’s official Facebook account has been providing April the Giraffe’s followers updates on a daily basis. And according to AAP’s Thursday morning update, keepers said that April has been feeling “out of it” this morning. They noted the pregnant giraffe’s distracted behavior, which is a stark contrast to her usual “inquisitive” and “treat-begging” self.

Animal Adventure Park’s latest Facebook update hasn’t provided any details as to what this “distracted” behavior could mean for April’s pregnancy. No physical changes occurred as well. Just like in the last few days, April has been showing significant bulging of the belly. Her backend is reportedly slightly damp, which AAP says is nothing to write home about. Keepers also noted that light discharge is still occurring on a daily basis.

“She is ‘out of it’ were keepers comments this morning; noting distracted behavior versus her normal inquisitive, treat begging, self. Significant bulging of the belly also noted.”

“Backend slightly damp but nothing to get excited about yet. We are still observing light discharge on a daily basis.”

Is April the Giraffe’s distracted behavior a sign that she could give birth any second now? Remember, anxieties among pregnant women are common especially during the third trimester. The nature of a pregnant giraffe’s worries might differ from those of a pregnant human, but they are worries, nonetheless. On top of April’s raging pregnancy hormones, her body might be telling her that she’s about to have a baby, and that alone could lead to anxiety.

Animal Adventure Park’s morning update also came with a new photo, which shows April looking a bit “out of it,” as has been noted.

“Cool morning temperatures will delay yard time, but this afternoon we expect to do a Q&A session from the giraffe deck with Oliver.”

The aforementioned update also announced that cool morning temperatures will delay yard time. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Animal Adventure Park has been giving April the Giraffe some extended yard time, which might have contributed to his sunny behavior in the past few days. That said, it’s entirely possible that April’s “distracted” behavior might have been caused by the cold weather. Her keepers are keeping a close eye on her so it should not be any cause for worry. As usual, you can keep a close eye on April as well by streaming Animal Adventure Park’s live cam on YouTube.


AAP also announced that there will be a Q&A session at the Giraffe Deck with April the Giraffe’s partner, Oliver, who fathered the calf she’s now carrying. As per latest update, here’s your chance to ask questions you might have so don’t hesitate to post your questions in the comments section of Animal Adventure Park’s latest Facebook post.

At present, Animal Adventure Park’s live cam is still getting a lot of visitors on YouTube. The amount of traffic has slight declined in the past few days, presumably on account of the fact that some of April’s followers are starting to lose their patience. It’s hardly surprising, considering that they’ve been waiting for April to give birth for more than two weeks.

To top it off, some are even mulling over the possibility that April the Giraffe’s pregnancy is just a hoax. The park’s official Facebook admin, however, had something to say about the “fake news” claims in reference to April’s pregnancy.

“A quick biology lesson – animals do not develop milk unless supporting a pregnancy. Furthermore – giraffes do not develop large udders like cattle etc, so to see this much development truly suggests calving in the near future.”

For now, there’s nothing we can do but wait for April to finally go on labor. If you don’t feel like streaming Animal Adventure Park’s live cam (shown below), you can also subscribe to AAP’s Labor Text alert (if you haven’t already) to receive exclusive updates about April’s progress.

Do you think April the Giraffe’s behavior this morning is a clear sign that she’s going to give birth soon? Is this the day it finally happens? Stay tuned.

[Featured Image by Warren Little/Getty Images]