WWE News: Braun Strowman Mocks Fan Petition To Get Him Fired Over Reigns Attack, Says #YourTearsHydrateMe

The April 10 episode of WWE RAW featured what could only be called the biggest Superstar beatdown in recent years. While numerous longtime WWE fans lauded the segment for its creative spin and over-the-top nature, Reigns’ loyal supporters have reacted strongly about the assault, ultimately culminating in a Change.org petition to have Strowman due to his actions against the Big Dog. Unfazed, the Monster Among Men has responded to his critics on Twitter, mocking the online petition and starting the now-emerging #YourTearsHydrateMe hashtag in the microblogging platform.


The epic beatdown began as Roman Reigns was backstage being interviewed about his recent victory over The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. In the middle of Reigns’ interview, Braun Strowman, better known as the Monster Among Men, decided to give WWE’s resident Big Dog a little piece of his mind. Reigns was slammed into walls, tables, roll-up doors, and backstage boxes. When paramedics got to the Big Dog and placed him on a stretcher, Strowman went back and pushed Reigns’ gurney off a platform. Reigns was finally loaded into an ambulance after some time, but the assault was not over yet.

As Reigns was loaded into the ambulance, Strowman went back for more, punching the Big Dog in the face multiple times before exiting the ambulance and bare-handedly flipping the vehicle on its side. The RAW live audience was cheering Strowman during the entire attack, chanting “You Deserve It!” to Reigns as the Superstar was decimated. The assault, however, has managed to get Reigns’ loyal fans aggravated, with many stating that Strowman has crossed a line with his attack on the Big Dog.

The Big Dog's epic beatdown in the 4/10/2017 WWE RAW episode has managed to get numerous Roman Reigns fans aggravated.
[Image by WWE]

Jennifer Kuchler, an avid WWE Roman Reigns fan from Norfolk, VA, decided to take matters into the internet’s hands by starting a petition in Change.org, asking the World Wrestling Entertainment to fire the Monster Among Men due to his seemingly uncontrollable actions. Here is an excerpt from the petition, which Kuchler has confirmed would be taken down soon, after she was contacted by a representative from the WWE.

“Me and a lot of the WWE Universe Want Strowman Fired effective immediately he crossed the line tonight following the attack on Roman and now Roman is in the hospital with injuries. If this is what you call Entertainment YOU Failed Miserably. I don’t care if he goes to SD Live We want him OFF of Raw or Fired from the WWE. I have been a fan of Raw for years and out of everything that I have seen happen this was by far the absolute Worst.”

While the petition to fire Strowman appeared destined to fail as soon as it went online, it should be noted that Kuchler has run a successful petition against a former WWE talent in the past. Looking at the wrestling fan’s page, she was among the most vocal dissenting voices about former NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber’s infamous white supremacy social media posts back in 2015, which ultimately got the talent fired.


Unfortunately for Kuchler, the recent beatdown against Roman Reigns is something that was thoroughly planned and acted out by the WWE. The fact that eagle-eyed fans noticed that parts of the beatdown were executed against a dummy of Roman Reigns, and the Big Dog’s shadow was easily seen right before the ambulance was flipped over to its side, proved that the epic beatdown was just a segment that WWE managed to do justice to.

One thing that avid wrestling fans are really appreciating right now is just how well Strowman was able to stay in character this whole time. Instead of apologizing to Reigns’ fans over the attack, Strowman has continued to fuel his critics’ fire instead. Needless to say, longtime WWE fans have actually taken a liking to the Monster Among Men and his responses online, with many on Twitter asking the wrestling firm to quickly release a Braun Strowman t-shirt featuring his new “Your Tears Hydrate Me” catchphrase.

While WWE’s push to get fans to like Roman Reigns no matter what has largely backfired, it appears that the wrestling firm has finally found an excellent way to balance its failure out. By having a heel wrestler act in ways that fans appreciate, WWE is actually, as ironic as it might sound, innovating sports entertainment.

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