‘My 600-LB Life’ Lupe And Ashley D. Pictures: How Much Weight Did The Pair Lose After Appearing On The Show?

My 600-LB Life viewers got an update on Lupe and Ashley D. on Wednesday, with pictures of the weight loss each has seen since their first appearance on the show — and the new difficulties as well.

After several weeks of heartbreaking cases including one of the most enraging cases in the show’s history, viewers finally got a good measure of payoff with pictures of Lupe and Ashley D.’s weight loss after appearing on the show.

As viewers may remember from Lupe’s episode, she was crippled with anxiety about falling and couldn’t even get out of bed. She had to rely on partner Gilbert to do everything for her.

Lupe has lost weight since appearing on My 600-LB Life, but her anxiety remained intact.

“If you recall, Lupe had to have Gilbert by her side all the time or she couldn’t function. Unfortunately that meant that she couldn’t keep to the Dr. Now eating program if Gilbert was unreachable and Lupe feared the worst,” TVRuckus noted. “Eventually, the two had to accept that she would die without his help, and her adherence to the diet. Now, a year later, Lupe has lost half her body weight, yet is still in bed. She claims to have gotten so weak that moving is impossible. Gilbert can’t be liking that, right?”

Ashley is in a similar situation, having lost weight but finding new complications with her health. She underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost 350 pounds of her once 700-pound frame, but is still ailing after years of wear on her body.

“Yet, one year later, Ashley, who has lost half her previous body weight claims that she’s unable to walk. That had been her main goal, so that she could be part of son Patrick’s life and give him a childhood in which he didn’t have to worry about his mom,” TVRuckus noted.

My 600-LB Life gave viewers an update on Lupe and Ashley.
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The report noted that Ashley’s loose stomach skin is still a major problem, and pictures of Ashley D.’s weight loss after appearing on My 600-LB Life showed her droopy skin in her arms and midsection.

As TLC noted, Ashley had gone up and down with her weight during her life, including a loss of close to 100 pounds after Patrick was born.

This week’s episode came after a two-part series that featured two of the most stubborn brothers the show has ever seen. Steven and Justin Assanti were featured over the course of the last two weeks, showing how they manipulated their father and clashed with doctors overseeing their weight loss.

The brothers weighed a total of 1,400 pounds combined, with Steven at more than 800 pounds and Justin at close to 600. As Monsters and Critics noted, the pair were seen in some very tense situations.

“While Steven manipulates his father into always getting what he wants — mainly food — by acting out, Justin is lonely and insular, preying on his dad’s sympathy,” the report noted. “Together they take their high-strung Italian American father on a hugely long RV trip from the north-east to Houston, Texas.”

The second part of the episode was even more difficult for viewers, as Steven continued to clash with doctors while Justin settled into a new job with the help of his father — but found difficulty losing weight.

Viewers who want to see the weight loss pictures from Lupe and Ashley D. since their appearances on My 600-LB Life will be able to check out their progress from the show’s official page on TLC. The full update from Lupe and Ashley D. can be found here and will be uploaded after the original broadcast on Wednesday.

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