'Dancing With The Stars': Nick Viall's Fiance Vanessa Grimaldi Hated On Set

Dancing with the Stars is heating up on the dance floor and behind the scenes. Sources reveal that Nick Viall's fiance, Vanessa Grimaldi, is majorly disliked by nearly everyone on the set, and even Nick's partner, Peta Murgatroyd, is allegedly getting fed up.

According to Radar Online, Bachelor couple Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi are pushing some buttons behind the scenes at Dancing with the Stars. Nick, who delivered his best dance to date during Monday night's live show, is reportedly having a hard time separating work from his personal life.

Vanessa Grimaldi has allegedly been showing up to Nick Viall's Dancing with the Stars rehearsals, and people are reportedly getting tired of her interference. One source even revealed that no one can "stomach" the sight of the Bachelor winner any longer.

"Vanessa has become a complete nuisance and no one on set can even stomach her anymore," an insider claims.

The source went on to say that even though Nick Viall has been instructed not to bring Vanessa Grimaldi to set and rehearsal, he continues to do so, because Vanessa will not listen to reason due to her insecurities. The situation is said to be causing some big problems between Nick and his partner, Peta, which could be one of the reasons Nick's scores have been on the lower side.

"Nick was instructed not to bring her, but she refused to listen. She is so insecure that she feels like she needs to be there to monitor him, and it is starting to cause a lot of issues between Nick and Peta."

This week on Dancing with the Stars, Nick Viall danced a Bachelor-themed routine. At the end of the dance, Viall grabbed Grimaldi out of the audience, danced with her for a moment, and then lifted her up for a full-on make-out session on live TV. The moment nearly resulted in a major wardrobe malfunction for Vanessa, who was able to pull her dress down before too much of her was seen on national television.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Dancing with the Stars contestants and staff aren't the only ones getting tired of Vanessa Grimaldi's antics. Sources reveal that Nick Viall is also getting "annoyed" with his fiance's behavior and insecurities as well.

"In Vanessa's mind, Nick still has a lot to prove," an insider told OK! Magazine. "There is a lack of trust between them that she just can't seem to get over. It's making her act crazy—almost like a different person."

Vanessa, who is originally from Canada, is living with Nick in L.A. as he competes on Dancing with the Stars, but the two could be headed for a break up if they can't work through their alleged issues.

"He's really hoping Vanessa snaps out of this," a source close to Nick reportedly told the magazine. "It's only a matter of time before Nick tells her he's had enough."

Although Vanessa Grimaldi is said to be uneasy about whether or not to trust Nick Viall, one insider says she has unrealistic expectations of what her relationship with the Dancing with the Stars contestant should be.

"She really thinks Nick should be doing anything and everything he can to make her feel at ease. She basically wants him to worship the ground she walks on," the source revealed.

It looks like there may be more drama on Dancing with the Stars than fans originally thought. If Nick and Vanessa can't get through whatever issues they're facing, it may cause Viall to be prematurely eliminated from the competition.

What are your thoughts on the rumors about Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi causing problems behind the scenes at Dancing with the Stars?

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