'Doctor Who' Season 10 Promises A Thrilling Ride Beginning Soon Judging By The Teaser Trailers

Doctor Who Season 10 is slated to launch on April 15 and fans are in for a lot of fun and exciting adventures courtesy of the new season.

Doctor Who Season 10 will kick off this coming Saturday, and the directors have kept a very tight lid on the plot for the new season, thus not a lot of spoilers. Meanwhile, the trailer for the new season came out a few weeks ago and revealed a few juicy details and some action packed scenes.

Doctor Who's new season will have 12 episodes as revealed by Steven Moffat during a session with Radio Times. Among the details, he revealed include the titles for each episode, the writers directed by different individuals. Some of the writers include Sarah Dollard, Jamie Mathieson, Peter Harness, Mark Gatiss, Rona Munro and Moffat himself. The directors include Lawrence Gough, Bill Anderson, Charles Palmer, Wayne Yip, and Rachel Talalay.

"You want to give away a certain amount, to draw people in," Russell T. Davies stated in 2007.

Doctor Who Season 10 Promises A Thrilling Ride Beginning Soon
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Steven made sure that he also catered to those Doctor Who fans who like to get a few the juicy details of each episode before actually diving in to watch. For example, episode 3 which is titled "Thin Ice" involves Victorian monsters dwelling in the Thames. Episode 6, 7, and 8 involve an evil monk. Episode 7 is particularly expected to be Juicy even from the title, "The Pyramid at the End of the World." It involves a pyramid that appears in a war zone between the Chinese, Russians, and Americans.

The new season is expected to conclude the long-running TV show, and so fans are obviously eager to see how this one pans out. Die-hard fans will obviously be emotional about it, but in the meantime, they still have 12 good episodes to go through which is definitely a good thing. Viewers should also look forward to Doctor Who's new companion, Bill, who is played by Pearl Mackie. The writers and directors decided to add more flavor by making sure that the character is gay and is also a woman of color.

Some questions have been raised as to why Bill's character is gay, but some fans feel that it does not matter as long as the show is good. One particular fan posted a message on Twitter regarding the matter of Bill being gay.

"I don't care what sexuality The Doctor's new companion is. JUST MAKE BETTER PROGRAMMES!!!" the Twitter user wrote.

There is, however, a good reason behind inquiries about a gay character in the TV show. According to statistics, roughly 25 bisexual female characters were killed off in numerous TV shows in 2016. This obviously means some viewers are curious as to whether Bill will suffer the same fate. The very fact that there was a statistic about it also means people are sensitive when it comes to such things and this, in turn, means it has an impact on the ratings. Directors and scriptwriters thus have to take this into account and consider the best direction. With that said, it will be exciting to experience Bill's character and her role in the show.

The unique nature of Doctor Who has earned it a lot of fans and has, in turn, allowed it to be present for a very long time. The very fact that this might be the season finale means fans are expecting quite a heated. The writers and directors probably also made sure that they pushed the limit to make it as exciting and as memorable as possible. Doctor Who's Season 10, therefore, promises to leave some memories to remember and possibly go down as one of the most iconic TV shows that ever existed.

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