Leah Messer Starting YouTube Channel: ‘Teen Mom’ Daughters Supporting Each Other Through Medical Hurdles

Leah Messer has focused on her children over the past couple of months while recovering from yet another season of Teen Mom 2. Unlike her co-stars, Leah had a calm season without too much drama. Messer had to deal with her children and her main issue was learning how to communicate with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. The two couldn't really communicate, as he would go away to work for months at a time and he would plan spontaneous trips to other states while their daughter was in his care. Leah Messer revealed that she really wanted them to work on their communication, and this appeared to be her primary issue on this season of Teen Mom 2.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that things are going great with her, especially when it comes to her daughters. Messer reveals that they are very supportive of one another, and Adalynn and Aleeah would gladly join their sister Ali for her doctor visits. And as it turns out, Leah is so proud of her daughters' bond that she wants to start documenting it for the world to see.

"Ali girl was sooo happy that her sisters joined her today at therapy! #BestFriends You guys, it's a must you see these ADORABLE videos on YouTube! I'm posting sooon! GO CHECK THEM OUT! Link is in my bio! My heart is so happy!" Leah Messer revealed on Instagram, sharing a video of her daughters walking with Ali to her doctor's appointment.

Of course, Ali goes to the doctor rather frequently because she suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. It is absolutely adorable to watch them together and they clearly support Ali with her disability. On Teen Mom 2, these girls love playing together and they miss Adalynn when she's with her father, Jeremy.

Messer shared the news with fans that she's going back to school and she's excited about getting her degree after her daughters are now in school. But she's also starting a YouTube channel, where Teen Mom 2 fans can watch videos of her daughters.

It is admirable that Leah Messer has worked so hard to get back on track. Last year, Messer sat down with Steve Harvey for an interview, where she opened up about her decision to get help for her anxiety and depression.

"It took me quite some time to know whether I was gonna go or not," Leah Messer revealed to Steve Harvey last year during an interview, according to US Weekly, revealing that she didn't really get support from the people around her.

"I'm from West Virginia, and everyone that I was around didn't quite support me going away. They didn't think it was good," Leah continued during the interview, adding, "I knew I was suffering from something. I didn't know what it was. I just knew that I was suffering and I needed help."

Of course, when Leah Messer went to rehab to deal with her issues, she heard rumors that Corey Simms was trying to get custody of her twin girls. She didn't want to come home and learn that she had lost custody of her daughters. She left rehab to keep her girls, but eventually returned to focus on herself.

"Not even six months ago, I probably never would've seen what I see now … in terms of how stressful it was, and painful. Doing it the right way and being able to have that platform to teach girls to do it the right way, that's what matters to me," Messer reveals about her children, according to US Weekly.

What do you think of Leah Messer's decision to possibly start a YouTube channel to share videos of her daughters?

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